Trouble in Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan
Dabbled in a bit of Manhattan Beach's Summer Stroll
Gotta represent my O-H
Me and Kristy Outside of Sloopy's
Manhattan Beach

I invited Kristy, a friend from Hollywood over for an impromptu day of beach and cocktails. We planned on biking our way down To Hermosa/Manhattan beach. Unfortunately the pesky Los Angeles roads decided to give my normally trusty Trek a flat. :( It was pretty tragic. We walked our bikes back to my place, and got an even later start to our beach outing. We ended up hanging at the beach for a short while, then headed on over to Sharkeez, a favorite happy hour spot of mine. We proceeded to indulge in 2 for 1 margarita's and a 4 dollar happy hour menu. We got a little toasted, to say the least. We ended up wondering around Manhattan beach, and randomly stumbled upon the summer stroll. Venders were giving free food samples and drink specials galore! It was awesome. My only wish was that we actually knew of this event earlier in the day and spent more time there. And that last deadly glass of white wine after margaritas I decided was a good idea at the time. Ya not so much.


Gap Jean shirt and dress, old A&F belt,  random headband, Nine West sandals


  1. flat tires blow, such a let down. Sounds fun, no matter what time you started to get after it. luv the first pic, looks like you are acting in a play ...I also love the finger point on that map. Sweetness. Cheers!

  2. We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan...Unless Gigi and Annah are from there.