1 Month to the Day!!

The Grand Bohemian 

Just one month away till wedding day!!! We are so excited/stressed for this big event in our lives.Lately it has been all things wedding on the brain. Flower girl dresses in the mail, check. Ry's Tux picked out and on its way, check. Now its just down to those final details, like what kind of cake do we want and what is our wedding song going to be?? Oy! I can't really complain because its truly filling my mind with goodness. I'm looking so forward to spending great times with great people. Dancing my little booty off and knowing that my best friend will always be there. Cheers! 



A Hazy Situation

We went out last night to celebrate our friend Lori's birthday. We saw G-Love and The Special Sauce at the Ritz in Ybor. Good times. I've noticed, within the last few months of this concert attending extravaganza, I've been a bit more careless with my entire self. I found myself waking up this morning wondering about stuff like, towards the end of the evening, what did my face look like? Was I walking kinda dopey? I know my feet were burning. I had a sweat stain of guinness on my new tee. I ate pizza squatting down on the street corner next to a homeless guy. Who, by the way,  I'm pretty sure was way hungrier than me. We stole some guys cab, said sorry, but still took the ride. Then, at home, in bed, ate soy chips? Oy! This morning I awoke and reached over for my puppy-boy. He wags his tail at me, so I know we're good. I then turn to my husband to fill in the rest. He convincingly tells me I did good, I'm cool, I danced, and I had an awesome time. Sweet.  Just when I was considering giving up drinking.....yea, that's not gonna happen. Cheers

wearing urban shorts + tee, HM tights, forever21 belt, vintage owl necklace, stain by guinness


Another European Destination In-The-Works

Growing up in the midwest I always assumed vacation meant endless sunbathing in warm temps at the beach.  Although I thought that image equaled paradise, I'm begining to realize that is no longer my idea of vacation. And I'm not just saying that because I live in Florida. The only beach I go to is the dog beach. Otherwise I visit the "human" beach once a year.  I don't want to ruin my skin, have a face full of freckles, be lazy, and sweat my ass off. Not a good look for me. So when my husband called me at work today asking if I wanted to go to Ireland this summer I jumped all over the idea. Let the planning begin! Now this is my idea of paradise. Flying to a foreign land, exploring strange cities, hangin in pubs, hanging with Irish people, I'm in!! My mind will now be consumed daydreaming and planning this upcoming adventure. Major cheers



Freja Beha Erichsen

Hands down, she is my most favorite. I fell in love with Freja last year. I guess you can say she's my girl crush. She is Danish and badass. She rocks the runway with tattoos blazing.
i'd love to score a copy..topic "home is where the heart is" love to hear her story, obvi, i'm obssessed with her and the Dutch now, plus Dree Hemingway reveals her visit to great grrandfather, Ernest Hemingway's home in Cuba
i totally jocked your haircut like 6 months ago

photos coutesy of nymag and fashion copious

Ch ch ch ch Cherry Bomb!

That Shirt

That Jean style Romper

I swear I was born in the wrong decade. I saw the Runaways this weekend with some friends from work. The movie was fun and cool, lots of 70's chick rock n roll and hard partying. These girls were only 15 when they started touring Japan, I mean that takes some major balls. They only lasted eight months together, as it was too much too soon for Dakota's character Cherie Currie. In those eight months they wore some pretty rockin' clothes. Makes me wanna throw on some high waisted leathers and perfect length vintage tees stat.


Spring to Summer

Such a quick transition, especially for Florida. Before you know it the heat will come on strong and long. So, while I contantly flip through my favorite sites and magazines in awe of all the fabulous spring-like clothes I know not to over induldge or get too excited. At the same time, I shuffled through my closet this morning looking for sweaters for one last wear. I'm in a tug-of-war of wanting to stay warm and cuddly and longing to shed it all and be open and airy. I will restrain myself and look for pieces that I can wear in "spring" as well as allll summer long. This is what I want to live in, so far, for the next 7 months.

neutrogena sun safety- because Lebes, my derm say so
jcrew tissue t's are the absolute best
j-crew swim, lasts forever and fits great

love this shoprouche hat sure to make me feel like a lady
urbn cotton shorts
i've been searching for you anthro head turbon!


Age is Just A #

And certainly doesn't prohibit anyone from riding fancy
this is what i hope i'm still doing when i'm her #

photo courtesy of copenhagencyclechic.com


Cycling StreetStyle

A ton of people, especially in Europe, commute on their bicycles. Most people bike for environmental reasons, or due to pricy gas , they live in a cycle friendly urban environement, or for the simple fun. Whatever the reasoning, nothing beats looking fancy while riding your bike. I can't get enough of how lovely people look decked out riding their bikes going places, just doing their thing.
shout out to Hungary

zone out
ridin dirty

nothing beats ridin a breezy summer day
i love the wooden box
photos courtesy of copenhagencyclechic.com, cyclechick.be, tallchicksondutchbikes.blogspot.com, cycle.blog.hu, bikebythesea.com                              

StreetStyle Admiration

My fashion likes and appreciation come mostly from average people on the street. It is they who inspire me the most to be creative and daring. I relate to street style far more than what walks the fashion runways.  I tend to buy basics and jazz up with accessories. I have found myself lately a bit more daring. It's fun to flirt with different ideas and looks even when they take you out of your comfort zone.
 i've been jonesing for cool head bands/wraps/hats lately. liking the Egyptian style head piece big time.
totally playing into the nude trend. what a sweet feminine look
guy on the right, handsome look few can pull off.
pics courtesy of stylesightings.com and sartorialist.com


Rehearsal Dinner Options 101

top jumper may be bit too casual, but I'm really liking the denim one.just an idea. both from anthro ~abby
i really like these dresses too- free people- ~abby


Rehearsal dress 101

Anthro dress

Jessica Simpson shoes

I've recently been on the wedding, rehearsal dinner, biggest event ever in my life frame of mind. We are having a pretty casual rehearsal dinner and I still need to find the perfect attire. I came across this Anthropologie dress online and also saw it yesterday in the store. I love the jeweled details at the neck and the fun just above the ankle length.  It would give me the coverage I'm after, yet still a flirty special feel that I want. The Jessica Simpson shoes I think would be comfy enough for all day wear, and give my short stuff the height I need. Thoughts?? Ideas?? Help!!


I Just can't get enough

Urban boots

Of these trusty boots. They go with everything from jeans to dresses. Even though studs have fallin off I could care less. They get better the rougher they look.


Top Of The Morning To Ya

 I'm originally from Clevleand, Ohio, which ranked one of the top 20 cities with longest running St Patty's Day Parade. Cleveland's tradition started in 1867, and is one of the few cities to actually have a parade on St. Patrick's Day. I'm not Irish, I wish I was. Those aren't just clever shirts either. I truly wish I were. I did however marry into a huge proud-to-be-Irish family. They certainly know how to get after it. I don't know many mothers who wake you up on St. Patrick's Day with a big bowl of Jamison. The thought still makes my stomach retract in disgust. They also drink Red Breast on the rocks. Oy!  I'm not tough enough to handle it  so I stick to what does it for me. Guinness. I can drink this stuff all year round, it's that good. But, today, I drink in honor of Saint Patrick's Day and for my family.  Cheers!


Too Cool to Say Anything More

true representation of a stylishly cool couple. I'd like to be your friend.

love this pic simply because it reminds me of my ride home from work with my husband hitching a ride

photos courtesy of rocknrollbride.com


We were a bit more behaved.

 We crossed many baricades on our way to the Fruit Bats show. We were not given a heads up Ybor's St Patty's parade was going on in full swing. Not gonna lie, kinda scared. I'm not a fan of crowds, especailly when all walks of life are brought together. Lots of weirdness happens. My lungs gave way when we approached our destination. I was safe. My jimmy legs came out and we danced the night away. Bonus: got to introduce ourselves to Eric Johnson and shake the man's hand.

Urb dress+tights, Anthro socks, Frye boots, Lilian Asterfield necktie

Wedding Bells

Ms Ashley, my bestest girl, will be a Mrs in less than 2 months! I am beyond stoked to celebrate with her and Ryan. Such a cute and super cool couple. She is having a JCrew kinda wedding with her own special flare. I know she will be dashing. Here are a few wedding inspirational pics.
photos by Jcrew, via Cup of Jo

photo by Parker J Phister, Via Cup of Jo


Engagment tail

The night he asked me to be his forever :)
Happily engaged and skiing 
Big Bear
 New Year's Eve
Our year 2010

Ryan had this little ski trip all figured out. I on the other hand just thought we were going skiing, nothing more than just a little get away from the city. We left bright and early that Tuesday morning. Didn't really check the weather report and just headed for the mountains. Its California after all, the weather is usually picture perfect. So we headed up the mountain our usual route, only to find that the road was closed due to an avalanche the night before. We headed back down the mountain and up and around the other way, only to find that route was also closed off due to the weather. It seemed at that point we were not making it up to our destination. We waited it out for a little while, and finally the road opened and we got to our hotel a few hours behind schedule. Ryan and I planned on a little night ski ses after check in, but we found out night skiing was closed on weekdays. Rats! (I didn't know it then but Ryan had big plans to ask me on the slopes) So romantic my man is. We ended up getting some Champagne and laying low in our hotel room, cozy by the fireplace. I got up to use the ladies and came back to see Ryan on both knees with a ring box. The poor thing was a nervous reck all day knowing what he was planning on asking me and possibly not making it up the mountain at all . Of course I said yes! Speechless I was, but beaming with happiness all over. It was perfect. 

49 days until I become a Mrs.!!