I see you looking at me through your window

My mini retirement was so very lovely. Resting and spending uninterrupted hours with my loves. Doing whatever suited our fancy. We had a most wonderful Christmas, one of the best ever. I am a lucky girl. Spoiled by all my family, they are all so very kind to me. I now have to ween myself back to work. I was able to ride a bit fancy to work, sporting my new hat husband bought me and fingerless gloves made from recycled sweaters, a gift from my mom. I definitely needed those items, it was a bit nippy on my morning commute, roughly 40 degrees. When appropriately prepared for any situation, you will always find comfort. Monday morning, I was feeling awesome.



 a few of the celebrities listed as "Casual Chic"

I know why celebrities get all the fabulous freebies at awards and events. They are the best advertisement designers can ask for. Not to mention most look wonderful in anything they wear. Meet http://www.boutiques.com/. A new way to shop. Simply click to follow any celebrity with whom  most closely relates to your own personal style. You can then find items your celeb fashionista previously purchased and where to nab for yourself. Simply click on the item and a pop-up will appear, showing where to purchase, what to pair the item with, and other comparable items. You can also create your own boutique. You will be taken through a series of outfit choices and choose which item most resembles your style. Then a calculated analysis will appear: I am "Casual Chic"...nailed it! Anyhoo, I can ramble on and on about this...so just visit yourself and explore!
Here are some items that appeared in my boutique, respectfully named:Westyle. They nailed it! All are items I'd totally wear.




Do you make one? Husband and I do every year; we exchange our lists over Thanksgiving. This year I didn't give him much to work with. My list consisted of all things yoga. Yet who am I to kid? I would love ANYTHING! He gave me a bit more to work with, which ultimately can ruin the suspense of what hides beneath the decorative wrapping paper and bows. I admit, I'm not one of the most creative gift-givers out there. This year I'm extra anxious and curious as to what he got me. I came home last night to a few neatly wrapped gifts, all with my name on it. Husband and I always say to each other, in order to remain young, happy, and fun you sometimes need to act like a child and not take life so seriously. I think I just got at least 3 years younger by getting all giddy over Christmas.
~abby, age 29 or 26..you decide.



 I'm suffering from excitement overload. Just discovered http://www.supermarkethq.com/; an e-commerce site for independent artists where you, the buyer, can purchase directly from the designer. Very similar to Etsy, just not as overwhelming and a bit easier to sift through all the goodies. Although it takes more research and deliberate searching, I'd much rather buy from local artist whose hands are responsible for the craft produced. A wonderful place to visit when buying a gift for yourself or someone else.

i find this print by shira sela, montreal, so sweet. would look lovely in my bedroom.
love her: neawear, out of Montreal. I purchased this, and a few more. so delicately made, dainty, and a lovely touch to my bare wall.

norwegian wood out of montreal ( do I sense an added urgency to visit Montreal, always heard an awesome city and seems to breed fine artists as well) a uniquely cool necklace...right up my alley. this is why you'd come to supermarkethq, for one of a kind gems and nobody else would be rockin your same style.



"Co-founder and former creative director of Lucky Magazine, wanted to be a different woman every day. Sometimes I see her on the street, sometimes I see her in a magazine, but I always want to try her clothes on even if it’s just for one day.
Anne Johnston Albert is my oldest friend – we’ve known each other since we were 14. She is a genius illustrator (you remember her amazing drawings from my page in the back of Lucky every month) and fashion designer with a cult following: (http://www.martinclothes.com/). We will bring you a few women every week – some I’ve spotted just walking around, some I’ve conjured up in my head. Some are illustrated by Anne from my notebook scratchings, and others will be photographed. Then of course we’ll take you to where you can buy everything you need to get the whole look. We hope you enjoy and get inspired!"
xxoo Andrea Linett

Flea Market Girl

"I clocked her on the second floor of the 25th Street Garage, hanging between the paintings and junk jewelry
Some dry shampoo helps give a ponytail a little just-got-out-of-bed sexy volume.
She used a real army backpack to tote the day’s haul.
This outfit would look at home with a plain peacoat, but a retro leopard jacket took it somewhere more fun.
Her cable knit sweater was perfectly skimpy.
Bright red cords were cropped to show the ankle — they made me want to run home and change out of my jeans.
Classic Wallabees looked so cute without socks and paired with the funky coat. Plus, they’re made for walking!"

Subway Girl

"I saw her on the F train carrying a small orchid.
This was the best simple black overcoat I’ve seen in a while.
She was obviously just transporting it, but her potted orchid almost functioned as an accessory.
A long, witchy cardigan looked cool peeking out of such a tailored coat.
Her smart little lady loafers reminded me of something Mary Richards might wear.
I loved her slightly nerdy leather briefcase.
It was fun to see someone rocking a bright red skirt."
                          Although I couldn't quite grasp how to paste the picture and outfit-choice comments the way they are displayed on the blog,http://www.iwanttobeher.com/ you get the idea.  It's a genius idea. This is totally what I do in my own head when I see people on the streets or photos of head-to-toe dressed women whom captivate me on their wardrobe alone. Makes me all the more curious. I too find myself creating my own interpretation of the type of lives I believe they live. So fun. it's almost like a game of house or dress-up for adults.


Vintage 1945

Times Magazine archives Paris France. Couldn't have captured a better image. Riding fancy is as old and the bicycles themselves. These are frame worthy.
such a sweet pup with his momma. i could stare at this image all day.



It's Begining!!!!

My most favorite time of the year. Christmas!!!  I greatly enjoy decorating my home and putting up lights and decorating the tree. I'm uber thankful and totally loving the recent forecast. Tampa air has taken a huge hit of  refreshing"coldness" which is totally putting me in the holiday spirit.
Picking up our wreath; yearly tradition at the local Greek Orthodox school. Smells superb. BTW, although it looks like the wreath is resting on a pole, it wasn't. I was holding it the entire time Husband was trying to take the pic. Not sure why it took as long as it did, but my excited cheeky smile soon faded to half-ass, only because of the time lapse. I was, and still am super happy. Yay!
wearing urb beanie+anthro pants+toms shoes(thanks Sheit)


The Streets

not so basic black fitted so perfectly. I have a hard time picturing anything but skinny jeans paired with boots. Boot cut takes away from all the shoe's fabulous detail and can quickly, in my opinion, make an outfit so dated and blah.

 high neck, mid-thigh length so snugly cute, yet still understated. the outfit is a done deal, no need to wonder what lays underneath.

i'm a huge sucker for anything hippie-ish or that of what resembles little house on the prairie style. a crop leather jacket would be a sure fire way to add some warmth and a bit of an edge, yet her makeup alone already adds that tough contrast to the femininity of the dress.  

just flippin nailed it! the bow necktie takes this 2-piece ensemble from ladylike to edgy. i adore the black and white booty, similar to the black and white cookie, a perfectly tasty combo.

jeans- check, an oversize slightly longer tee or sweater peaking under leather jacket- check, flat boots and some shades-check check. they make it look so easy to dress so dope. get these staples to ensure major cool-factor at all times. guarantee.


This is the city of the Angels, and you don't have wings.

 Photo diary of my last few days in Los Angeles. The first picture was an evening at my friend Marcela's 90210 apartment. She had us over for a delicious home cooked meal. This was an invitation we had been waiting for a long time, she's a great cook! The next few pictures are from my going away night out. Margarita's, you know I'm there. Finally a few snap shots of me and my fav Curtis in Santa Monica. I miss you all!!


Lolly The Trolly

Beautifully restored Tampa Trolly. Just a quick bike ride away and 5 buck round trip. Perfect transportation, especially when participating in a night filled with drinking. Cheers!
wearging rvca tank+ kensie cape+ fp top



Thanksgiving holiday spent in Cleveland, Ohio. Never has a visit gone by without hiking at Western Reserve Farm. The 16+ hr long car ride from Tampa to Cleveland was well worth it for Puppy Boy alone. He was a wild beast prancing and dashing in the woods; an untamed animal. I warn you.This is not for the timid. The brisk air is refreshing, not cold. The 1.5 hr walk was vigorous not daunting. Just remember one thing:you sweat and you die. At least that's what survivorman Les Stroud taught me as a way to not let hypothermia slip in, thus death. And although I wanted to pull off bloggin style on the hike, I was at the mercy of my mother's discarded wardrobe.  Hence the homely look.

little tune for your ears, so fitting.


Mumford and Sons

Its rare that I find a band that I like with such intensity. I mean like right away. Mumford and Sons album Sigh No More is heartfelt with an old world sound that seems so familiar. Their songs rock my socks and they are stylish to boot. Chh chh check them out.



Muckin' Around

J-Crew Top-Sider

Cold rainy days in Santa Cruz are just screaming for me to be muckin' around in these guys. Comfy cozy socks, warm sweater, skinnies, hat, scarf and I'm out the door. Well maybe?



Ms Joanna Newsom

I've shared her music on here not too long ago. The other night Husband and I were graced by her presence. Joanna's sweet face contorts to expel a quirky almost child-like sound magically drifting and flowing to the string of her harp and fluttering to the keys of the piano. She is genius. Her lyrics brilliant. An exquisite being.  Her parents must be proud.