Madam, Anything For You

Husband took me out for a special birthday dinner.  A tradition we started the past few years while in Tampa, dinner at Ceviche, Spanish tapas, for my day of birth. Just the two of us.The evening began with my new favorite drink, French gimlet, while listening to music at the house. With a pretty decent buzz we then rode bikes to Ceviche. We had a special request. We only wanted Ahmed to be our server. He is the best. Straight from Morroco and makes you feel most special. We let Ahmed pick out everything, our drinks, food, desert and delicious port. He nailed it. Our bellies were full, my mind calm, and body relaxed. I truly had a wonderful day. I was in the best of company, my husband. For it is he who always makes me feel special, especially on my birthday, which he claims as his favorite holiday. Cheers!
wearing fp dress, seychelle boots


  1. Probably the sweetest blog ever! xoxo

  2. Is that a new bike? Its gorgeous! You guys are adorable, and ... Happy Birthday

  3. Why thank you Disco Dolls! It's my same old bike, but I love it much! Hope you're enjoying your happy feet. Thanks for the message. See ya soon.

  4. great dress you can never go wrong with fp!