This is the city of the Angels, and you don't have wings.

 Photo diary of my last few days in Los Angeles. The first picture was an evening at my friend Marcela's 90210 apartment. She had us over for a delicious home cooked meal. This was an invitation we had been waiting for a long time, she's a great cook! The next few pictures are from my going away night out. Margarita's, you know I'm there. Finally a few snap shots of me and my fav Curtis in Santa Monica. I miss you all!!


Lolly The Trolly

Beautifully restored Tampa Trolly. Just a quick bike ride away and 5 buck round trip. Perfect transportation, especially when participating in a night filled with drinking. Cheers!
wearging rvca tank+ kensie cape+ fp top



Thanksgiving holiday spent in Cleveland, Ohio. Never has a visit gone by without hiking at Western Reserve Farm. The 16+ hr long car ride from Tampa to Cleveland was well worth it for Puppy Boy alone. He was a wild beast prancing and dashing in the woods; an untamed animal. I warn you.This is not for the timid. The brisk air is refreshing, not cold. The 1.5 hr walk was vigorous not daunting. Just remember one thing:you sweat and you die. At least that's what survivorman Les Stroud taught me as a way to not let hypothermia slip in, thus death. And although I wanted to pull off bloggin style on the hike, I was at the mercy of my mother's discarded wardrobe.  Hence the homely look.

little tune for your ears, so fitting.


Mumford and Sons

Its rare that I find a band that I like with such intensity. I mean like right away. Mumford and Sons album Sigh No More is heartfelt with an old world sound that seems so familiar. Their songs rock my socks and they are stylish to boot. Chh chh check them out.



Muckin' Around

J-Crew Top-Sider

Cold rainy days in Santa Cruz are just screaming for me to be muckin' around in these guys. Comfy cozy socks, warm sweater, skinnies, hat, scarf and I'm out the door. Well maybe?



Ms Joanna Newsom

I've shared her music on here not too long ago. The other night Husband and I were graced by her presence. Joanna's sweet face contorts to expel a quirky almost child-like sound magically drifting and flowing to the string of her harp and fluttering to the keys of the piano. She is genius. Her lyrics brilliant. An exquisite being.  Her parents must be proud.



Mads Berg Prints

Depicting the classy style of chic women riding fancy. I adore.
my dream bike, the Christiania cargo bike

more prints found here: https://madsbergprints.dk/


Style talk with Freja

super laid back, wonderfully cool, and exceptionally beautiful


The Green Stuff

I greatly enjoy my houseplants whilst strongly dislike fake plants. Came across these lovely photos inside Pamela Love's home. What a fabulous way to display plants and have act as window treatments.

Aside from her earthy abode and jewelry collection I lust over, I stumbled upon pics of Ms Love from Elle 2009. I wouldn't expect her personal style to be anything less. She's up there in my top coolest people I crush over.



Streetstyle Gone Perfect

some lovely photos that captured my eye.
pretty pretty hair. someday.

bout it bout it hair with a dress so chicly sweet

this lovely lady exhibits how to transition open toe warmer weather shoes into fall wardrobe

hmm...getting some ideas from this cool chic. I'm gonna go home and raid my husband's closet.
thanks for helping me daydream all day with such wonderful inspiration
courtesy of hanelli.com, cupofjo.com, stockholmstreetstyle



Ghosts and goblins oh my! Went to the Griffith Park haunted hay ride with some friends. Was um interesting. Not quite as scary as I was hoping but my tummy was sore after laughing so hard. The hay ride was lead by an old hunched backed creepy guy. He drove us through some spooky sites with all monsters and scary movie stars lurking at every corner.  The most frightening part was the circus. With scary clowns,strobe lights and that already creepy ohhh ah ah ah song I didn't know if I was gonna have nightmares or pee my pants from laughing so hard. I'd say the hefty price tag was worth it in giggles alone. Cheers! Happy Late Halloween!


Wearing husbands childhood vest, rip curl flannel and bdg's (of course, but ya can't see em)

Head Games

No desire to shop. October is the first month I haven't shopped nor had any desires or craves. Perhaps it's because Tampa is stuck in summer! Yuck. I forgot all about fall, and cute jackets, or boots of all heights, or scarves, or hats, or fresh crisp air. Yet, today's weather report was a bit more promising. End of this week the AC is getting turned off, windows will be open, my pup will be sniffing the breezy air, and I will soon be reminded of Fall and be full of desire. Could get ugly. Yet, there is one item that I continuously think about....hats. I want a ton of hats, felt fedoras, cloches, wide brim, beanies, berets. After getting hooked on Boardwalk Empire....I'm crazy about the roaring 20's/ ....oh all the dazzling headpieces and red lips has me head a spinning.