Holy Moley, Me Oh My

Upper left hand corner. Feeling a bit flatered, I must admit. Daniel sent me a copy of Northern Lights newspaper article, Fayetteville, Arkansas. They came to scope out Dan and Dasha's wedding and took a few snaps of the attendees. Daniel's skills, which landed him on HGTV's Design Star, has turned him into the towns claim to fame hero.He is so worth the buzz and excitement. For any of you reading this, please visit HGTV.com and vote up to 10 times daily for Daniel, so he can get his own online design show. The guy's got major talent.


  1. Your blog is really cutee. I love the idea of two friends having one blog

  2. Hey :) Thanks for the blog love! :) I went in there and voted for Dan ten times. Hope he weens!

    XoXo, Annah

  3. Thanks Gigi for checking us out! We are stoked to have new readers :)

  4. So famous!!! Glamorous...Ohh...The Flossy, Flossy!