My Inspiration, My Muse

My life has significantly changed since latter half of 2009 to present day. I will never get exhausted of nor fail to keep myself updated in the Danish and Scandinavian culture. Copenhagen had a profound impact on me. Their sense of style and way of life a step ahead of other cultures, or at least in the sense of what I am attracted to.  I learned so much from my brief encounter. I live by "less stuff more life" and remind myself always. Dutch wardrobe is presented in the similar fashion. Nothing was over the top or extravagant. Most everyone looked cool, tailored, fashion forward, yet simple.



  1. Very inspiring indeed. I love the simplicity of all the looks, makes me feel I can create something similar that works for me. Also makes me wanna travel. Can westyle take a field trip?

  2. I prefer the dutch.

  3. Fuck yeeaahh road trip for sure