Be Indepedent

But depend on The Independent. Cause it's got great beer and a cool,calm, collected vibe.  Did I mention it was cool? Cheers
fp dress + college ring, deena and ozzy shoes

Santa Cruz oh Santa Cruz

Some pictures we snapped while on our first visit to our new home. Husband left late last night to beat the traffic on a six hour ride from Los Angeles. We are leaving the city of angels. Its a bitter sweet time in my life. I have truly enjoyed spending the past 4 and 1/2 years of my life here, but feel it is time to experience new things. The people are so friendly, not like LA. I was shocked at how people actually give you a friendly "Good morning!" so cheerful and seemly happy to be alive. In LA you're lucky if someone grunts in your direction. However I have been able to find a few very dear friends who I am  really going to miss, and promise to visit often. 
Due to lease issues I will stay here in LA until mid November and work, while husband will begin his new job in Santa Cruz. 5 days away, 2 together, repeat. This is how it will be for the next 6 weeks. Yea not looking forward to it, but it gives me time to get my head where it needs to be for the move. I can spend time with friends and enjoy these last few weeks here in LA. 
I am really looking forward to more time spend with my family, (Husband, Ella, Turtle, and Kali). Exploring an entirely new part of the great state of california. Finally being able to visit San Fran, Napa Valley, and Lake Tahoe. Seeing the change of seasons again, fall how I've missed you! Scarves and sweaters finally, this LA heat wave is messing with my psyche. And fresh air! Ahhhh :) Will be sure to document all the great times to come. Cheers!



Use Protection

I just read an alarming statistic; 5 bicyclists in the Tampa Bay area have died since July 29, 2010. Although I'm not a street rider, I know I should wear a helmet every time I hop on my bike. I don't. If only I weren't so vain and didn't picture myself looking like a complete geek under a helmet, perhaps I would entertain the idea . I don't judge helmet wearers negatively either, such as muttering under my breath "dork!" Fact is, I admire bike helmet wearers. They clearly don't care what other people think of them as well as strongly value their life. I prefer to take a risk and look cute. If I looked as cute as these models, in their Vespa helmets, I would definitely be on board.

If I really started to take stock in my life and not always try to ride fancy then I'd get this one:

cheers to living

Comfy Cozy

Free People
Ruana Scarf

Obsessed with ponchos! This one by Free People could easily fit in my closet.



Ooohh Baby Its A Wild World

Pamela Love s/s 2011 jewelry collection

right up my alley. l love the animalistic tribal warrior/body armor design.  don't fuck with me.


Daily Cravings

I am ever gonna tire of searching for the perfect boots? Tall, short, ankle I don't discriminate. I love you all equally. Now if only my credit card was so loving.....

All Top Shop Boots


SJP Love

Whether in jeans and a t or Alexander McQueen, SJP nails is every time. I adore her.


Second Skin

top and black number: Dolce Vita ; purple number by Wink Tori

alternative apparel pony tee

pins and needles silk tank

silence & noise sheer tank
 I'm a sucker for the unexpected peek at bare skin. Open backs seductively flirt with me and reel me in. Nothing comes between body and fabric...so sexy.



 A few weeks ago, my friend Erica and I went to the Sunset Music Festival. We got hooked up with free VIP tickets from work. Saweet! A portion of Sunset Blvd was closed off. There were two main stages on either end of the street with crowds of people dressed in there concert bests filling the spaces in between. There was all sorts of food trucks with yummy eats to satisfy even my gluten free concert buddy. Saw the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Travie Mccoy (pictured above) and Slash. There was tons of bars and clubs, doors open to all SSMF ticket holders. Mostly too hot and sweaty for my enjoyment, but really cool nonetheless. 

Afterwards we went dancing in boytown with some work friends. Got my ass grabbed by some chick at a lesbian bar. When I turned around to see it wasn't Erica messing with me but some rando she got pissed that I jumped like a little girl. I mean she totally caught me off guard. 



Lilian Asterfield

by Nicole Deponte:
upcycled neckties into something fabulous. I bought one from her etsy site last year. It has since become  a go-to staple. Scarves are perfect accessories to jazz up any outfit and these lovely creations take the scarf to a different level . While this could be a perfect at home DIY project, Nicole mastered the pinning, tucking, draping, and color combo ensemble just so.


New York Streetstyle Sweets To Live In

if I had her dress I'd live in it

oh the tatooooos

top it all off with Deena & Ozzy Wide-Brimmed Hat


Joanna Newsom - Good Intentions Paving Company

thank you my dear husband for introducing my ears to a beautiful new sound. Looking forward to seeing her live Nov 16th. Have a listen and appreciate. Cheers!


Cuz she's my best friend

No one other than husband could make me laugh harder, while bummin' around doin' a whole lotta nothin' then this here girl. WEstyle reunited in OC, if only for a short while. I assure you fun was had, and six packs were more profound after laughing over silly things. Patiently awaiting our next visit.