All is Lost, But Never Forgotten

Living less than 100 yeards from The Gulf, Husband, Puppy Boy Rocco and I evacuated on a number of occasions, prior to August 28, 2005, due to hurricane scares in the Gulf region.  All we said was, at least we have each other. Nothing else matters. Yet, 5 years ago marks the unfortunately tragic anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. First time the three of us weren't together.  Husband and I were at his brother's wedding in Wisconsin. Rocco was in Gulfport with a pet-sitter. We saw the news, the weather, the anticipation of the threatening eye slowly coming to attack at tremendous force with unstoppable speed. Husband and I were denied access back into Gulport, MS. We had a one track mindset..get to Rocco. His pet-sitter abandoned him. Frantic phone calls were placed...begging, pleading. Finally, our hero's, The Vonn family, broke in and captured Rocco. Still, my hopeless, defeated heart hurt in such a way. I was unable to be with him. I was unable to get him out of harms way and into known safety. My heart hurt for many hours and a few days thereafter. It wasn't until phone reception, for a brief moment, connected us to find out everyone was OK. Rocco was OK. I could breath. Along with my "less stuff, more life" attitude, I also know every materialistic item I own is just stuff. I couldn't care less all my things, my life's history were washed away. Rocco could never be replaced. I tell him everyday how handsome he is, what a good sweet boy he is, and I thank him for being so kind to me every single day. My heart hasn't hurt since. I have my boys. "Everything was beautiful and nothing Hurt," Vonnegut.
only items saved..pup's cage and favorite Winn Dixie plush stuffed animal, and Mr.Rocco, our BFF.

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  1. That brought chills down my spine. What a story and so thankful it turned out the way it did. Wow, I guess we both have our heads in the right place today :)