Going To The Chapel And We're.....

Off to Orlando to hang with these 2 cats. They are getting married Friday! Yikes stripes fruit stripe gum!
Cheers dudes!


Baby..Sweet Angel..Are you in There. ..Can You Hear Me Baby?

if only this angel was prego with Juno's baby..but I thought this title fit well. It's also a question I often ask my puppy boy... cause I think it's funny
Jessica Stam by Sølve Sundsbø


So Dirty

this stuff is called Jizz..go get yourself some...
featured on beachblack.com

No One's Gonna Love You..... More Than I Do

 I have an issue with crowds. So whenever I go to a venue, of any size, I can easily be turned off just thinking about the number of elbow jabs and armpits in my face. I'm short too, so my view is always obstructed. That wasn't the situation at the Band Of Horses Show. I saw these guys last year at the Tampa skate park. Probably one of the best shows I had ever been to. It was calm and serene. Everyone was super cool. It was raining too. I typically hate getting wet.  But not that night. I was wearing a white tee, so, I quickly bought a hideous blue hoodie, on sale, at urbn.  The rain actually made the show that much more enjoyable. There was a constant light mist, plenty of elbow room, and the air was filled with these guys and their beautiful voice. Have a listen. This is one of my favs. I'm going to see them this Thursday in Orlando.


Tampa Ain't Bad

hanging at new found spot, The Independent. Sweet bar.

I love this city


Hitching A Ride Take 2

if I had little tots this is how I'd ride with them. So cute.

I've given my friends a ride on my bike a few times. I was laughing the entire time. Laughed so hard I was sure I had abs of steel or a broken rib. Although these peeps don't find hitching a ride funny it sure is fun. Try it.
photo courtesy copenhagencyclechic.com


A Chill Down Your Spine

seriously...pups are the best. Although I'm certain my lil man wouldn't do this....they truly are man's best friend. This video touched my sole and gave me heart-felt goosebumps.

Hot Action

bad ass Balenciaga Pants worn by Charlotte Gainbourg at Coachella...I get so jealous....
photot courtesy of hanneli.com


Tree Stump Book Exchange


A place where people can walk up take a book and leave one behind for the next person. A clever way of sharing with complete strangers.


Sorry, Kinda Obsessed



So So Pretty

this picture is so lovely. I especially love her long hair. Just when I was about to cut mine even shorter I have to see this....makes me long for my long locks. Hmm.

Comfy Cozy

I want
love this haircut. i'm getting mine done today. do i dare try this look?


Just Dance

Photo Cred Rocknrollbride

Just ten more days folks! I can't wait to just dance with my friends and fam. And Become a lil Mrs Halpino!


How Rude!

A glimpse at a few looks I'm diggin from Mary Kate and Ashley's line: Elizabeth and James

via instyle
Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared. Words of wisdom spoken by my husband.
Coming soon...I will wear you forever


Coachella Wear

I love music, yet hate crowds. I would have suffered through my intense driven-by-crowds-anxiety for this music fest. Here are some cool peeps with cool outfits.
Miss Jade Castrinos from Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros

Kate- this is my fav

this is my 2nd fav
photos courtesy of refiner21

Goose it Like Mo Williams

urbn cadri+polkadot silk shorts, jcrew tissue tee, taget footless tights, husband's necklace, Mowilliam's Goose eye


Crave of the moment

Jeffrey Campbell Carli-C Clog

Clogs have made a big recent come back and I want on that bandwagon. Comfy and versatile,  yet I've never owned a pair. I'm thinking about taking these guys for a spin. 


I Risked A Spanking Wearing You..that's what he said

we both were guilty for wearing Maj's hat when he wasn't home
chillin...he with his bone....me with some crisp vino. Husbands hat...he's such a good sharer. Cheers.


There's a Hole in My Pocket Dear Liza

left: tiny army cargo shorts from fp, right: shorts from Anthro- so smooth and billowy

urbn polka dot silk number

urbn denim jumper with Anthro belt- plan on wearing for Ash's bach partttyyy

urbn dress, so ugly it's beautiful

urbn hats, his&hers=mine plus urbn 2-toned cat -eye sungies

All patiently hanging up ready for a body to fill....


Rushing to Bed at 9:00 p.m.

All because of you

a phenomenal read. 


DIY Tie Dye Project

First step-  to warm up the background color. make a big bucket of tea, the more bags you use, the darker your garment becomes. Its important to take the bags out though before you put the clothes in or you could end up with spots from where the bag touched the garment directly. Stir for about 20 min., rinse, and hang dry.

Then- Take rubber bands and twist fabric into little clumps (anywhere you want the dye pattern to go) and secure by tying like a ponytail as many times as you can get the band around it. This makes a circular tie dye pattern. I hang the caftans upside down to dip them in the dye and let it bleed into the hem. About four ties in the front of the body, four in the back, and two on the arms.

Using Rit liquid dye (easier than powder form) mix up a big bucket of navy, wine, and chocolate dye in boiling water. re-wet the caftans (good for bleeding effect) and dip them in the dye and leave them there for about 30 minutes.  note that after washing you lose a LOT of color so for darker items leave in about 3 hours, stirring contantly at first, then occasionally. After dying, rinsing is hardest part. Rinse and then rinse more. After rinsing take off rubber bands and then hand wash them twice, which softens the tie dye effect. Hang dry and don’t worry about it being too perfect- perfection is boring!!!

idea and pics taken from penelopetboutique.com


Damn Forever....

All Clothes Forever

Apparently I went a little crazy today in forever 21. I'm not usually able to find so much fun, wearable, and most importantly not cheap looking stuff there. So much of this reminds me of Urban, but with 1/2 the price tag. I can't wait to play around with all of it, especially that shirt.


Slip Into a Slim Jim

Cargo pants have made a total transformation. Gone from baggy, sloppy, casual wear to slim, funktified, and sexy. No longer worn with sneakers. Pair these bad boys with sky high heals and leave the house looking all fancy.
photo courtesy of penelopetboutique.com ~abby

Flawless Face

My makeup exploration has evolved over the past 5 years. I was a total eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss kinda girl prior to my intro with Bare Escentuals. Bare Escentuals has done 2 major things for me. Most importantly my mom started wearing this makeup 5 years ago when going through chemo therapy and her fight with breast cancer. The people and the makeup line made her feel so good and so pretty while at the same time she felt so ill and uncomfortably selfconscious. So, thank you for her moments of feel good. Secondly, on a more materialistically vain level, Bare Escentuals taught me how to wear makeup; foundations, powders, and cheek color. Both my mom and I have since  moved on from mineral makeup. Mom is healthy and using Trish McEvoy and I am infatuated with Laura Mercier's Flawless Face. These are my go-to products that help me with my moments of feel good.