Canals de Venice

The Venice Canals are one of those special seemly secretive places here in Los Angeles. Although they are far from secret, they do have a truly special sort of organic feeling to them. I feel as though I have been taken back in time to a place where nothing really matters. You sort of loose yourself in the day to day hustle, and its places like these that bring you back down to what's really important in life. Whatever that may be for you. 


Wearing Rip curl dress, old Urban cross-body bag, Ray-bans (of course), random flops.


  1. a place, once you visit, you will certainly not forget. love the tie-dye, I die maxi. So pretty!

  2. the dress is adorable, but then look who's wearing it!

  3. wow it looks pretty indeed! would love to visit some day! your dress is nice :) love your blog, am def. following!!
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!