Hard and Soft, Soft and Hard

More street inspiration. Dresses with military-Esq boots. Leather with sexy pumps. Animal prints with flirty t-straps. So ruggedly smooth. So hard, yet soft.



I think it highly important to support your local community and explore as much as you can. Often I find myself on repeat. Yet, stumbling upon a place never visited sparks curiosity and excitement. Seminole Heights (area in S. Tampa) is very artsy and free spirited. When we heard of Ella's Restaurant, filled with various artwork and sounds from local bands, we knew it'd be a gem. Food was delish, staff most friendly. Reggae band had my knees a knocking. Ah, and yes, I may be bit of a hypocrite. Finished the evening in a place anything but foreign, yet they will  forever have my support. Cheers!
wearing anthro skirt+Jeffrey Campbell clogs+urban tank&leopard belt


Canals de Venice

The Venice Canals are one of those special seemly secretive places here in Los Angeles. Although they are far from secret, they do have a truly special sort of organic feeling to them. I feel as though I have been taken back in time to a place where nothing really matters. You sort of loose yourself in the day to day hustle, and its places like these that bring you back down to what's really important in life. Whatever that may be for you. 


Wearing Rip curl dress, old Urban cross-body bag, Ray-bans (of course), random flops.

All is Lost, But Never Forgotten

Living less than 100 yeards from The Gulf, Husband, Puppy Boy Rocco and I evacuated on a number of occasions, prior to August 28, 2005, due to hurricane scares in the Gulf region.  All we said was, at least we have each other. Nothing else matters. Yet, 5 years ago marks the unfortunately tragic anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. First time the three of us weren't together.  Husband and I were at his brother's wedding in Wisconsin. Rocco was in Gulfport with a pet-sitter. We saw the news, the weather, the anticipation of the threatening eye slowly coming to attack at tremendous force with unstoppable speed. Husband and I were denied access back into Gulport, MS. We had a one track mindset..get to Rocco. His pet-sitter abandoned him. Frantic phone calls were placed...begging, pleading. Finally, our hero's, The Vonn family, broke in and captured Rocco. Still, my hopeless, defeated heart hurt in such a way. I was unable to be with him. I was unable to get him out of harms way and into known safety. My heart hurt for many hours and a few days thereafter. It wasn't until phone reception, for a brief moment, connected us to find out everyone was OK. Rocco was OK. I could breath. Along with my "less stuff, more life" attitude, I also know every materialistic item I own is just stuff. I couldn't care less all my things, my life's history were washed away. Rocco could never be replaced. I tell him everyday how handsome he is, what a good sweet boy he is, and I thank him for being so kind to me every single day. My heart hasn't hurt since. I have my boys. "Everything was beautiful and nothing Hurt," Vonnegut.
only items saved..pup's cage and favorite Winn Dixie plush stuffed animal, and Mr.Rocco, our BFF.

This Just In..

Topshop Fall items I crave. Desire worthy: Simple yet detailed specific, thus uniquely awesome. Purchase worthy: numerous outfit possibilities. Need I say more?
clockwise: Peterpan Empire Swing Blouse, Zip Cropped Waistcoat (luv!), Shrunken Ruched Sleeve Blazer,Short Sleeve Shirt, Knitted Sheer Maxi Cardigan (luv!), Hard Leather Cross Body Bag, tassel Necklace, and Austin Extended Cuff Boot.


Teenage Wasteland

I seriously don't know how to make these work. I love Frye boots. So, when out of the blue my mom offers to buy me a pair I jump at the opportunity of receiving such a nice gift. Here we are, roughly 3 years later and these suckers are collecting dust, sitting stiff at the bottom of my closet.  My mind and outfit collaboration creativity is dried out.  It's like trying to master the Rubik cube....there has  to be a solution. They have to, when paired with something wonderful and offsetting, become cool and wear worthy. But what is it??

Rush Hour On Two Wheels

Just like driving lost with cars following behind honking and riding your ass can make you nervous so can biking in Copenhagen. No matter what time of day, yet obviously with rush hour being the worst, the flow of bicycles is constant.  I remember husband and I rented bikes while visiting. We planned on a leisurely sightseeing day of adventure. We hadn't a clue where we were going and ended up following whoever was in front of us. The pressure too intense to slow down or make a wrong turn, or to even make any decisions for that matter. Needless to say, we got lost, burnt up, and felt defeated. I suppose if the city I currently live in had abundant biking such as see here, I would feel a lot more comfortable. I would have a destination in mind with the way of the streets embedded into memory.



KIDS-Start Your Morning Off Right

There are some songs that do it for me. That make me feel amazing and zone out for 2 minutes. I find it frustrating when I cannot put my emotions into words.So to put it simply, because that's all I can do, I"M FUCKIN FEELIN IT! ! I'd eat it if I could.


Take it to the Streets and Learn Something

Stockholm. I have to make this my next European destination. The Swede's streetstyle never disappoints.  My eyes widen in delight with every new post. I get giddy with excitement. This is why....


No Duh!

No wonder I'm especially fond of  floral dresses and lace-up boots with messy hair ensemble. According to New York Times, such style is either reflective of Mormons or Elaine Benes. They concluded  the latter of the two. Elaine's ( Julia Louis-Dreyfus) look was fem, yet tough. Tough and cute little bundle of joy. She's my hero.

Brave New World Brewery

Dinner at Buddah Lounge,Ybor, followed by a few beers at this super fly bar. Live music mixed with  Husband'chronic good company gave way to a smile-filled evening. Cheers!
  wearing: urban tank+susana monaco skirt+madden heals+f21 belt


You're just a Bee Charmer

Red lips. Floppy hats. Loose button downs. Flowy dresses. Lace up boots. Perfectly messy hair. To die for trousers. Vintage belts. Underwear worn as rompers. Vests and ties. Can I just start over on my closet and replace with strictly these items. Yea? Ok thanks.



Denim Decoder

For Fall, a wide variety of denim is popping up. Listed below are 7 different style. Something for everyone, that's fo sho. I personally like them all. As for what I would buy in terms of flattering my shape, I love my skinnies, but I also love the crop which would fit my petite frame and may not end up even being cropped. I also like the slouchy boyfriend jean for pure comfort, the paneled denim spices up plain skinnies with a western meets rock-in-roll , and the graffiti print for some added funk.
Above, from left: Rag & Bone Liverpool Jeans, $290, available at La Garçonne; Current/Elliott Skinny Cargo Jeans, $250, available at Net-A-Porter; Free People Skinny Military Jeans, $98, available at Free People; Paige Premium Denim Denim Cargo Jeans, $169, available at Revolve Clothing.

Above, from left: Banana Republic Dark Wash Boot-Cut Jeans, $59.50, available at Banana Republic; Balmain fall 2010 runway look, via Balmain; Gap 1969 Sexy Boot Jeans, $59.50, available at Gap.
Above, from left: Isabel Marant fall 2010 runway, photo via Isabel Marant; Isabel Marant fall 2010 campaign photo; BDBG Cigarette Jeans, $54, available at Urban Outfitters; MiH Paris Jeans, $228, available at ASOS; J. Crew Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jeans, $125, available at J. Crew.
Above, from left: Proenza Schouler x J. Brand Graffiti Jeans, $550, available later this month at Proenza Schouler; Proenza Schouler fall 2010 runway look, via Proenza Schouler; Tory Burch Super Skinny Printed Jeans, $225 each, available at Tory Burch; Diesel Black Gold Patchwork Jeans, $650, available at Diesel 5th Avenue.
Above, from left: Marc by Marc Jacobs Patchwork Skinny Jeans, $228, available at Shopbop; Oak Black Leather-Paneled Jeans, $264, available at Oak; Selected Femme Paneled Jeans, $117.95, available at ASOS; Acne Velvet Patch Jeans, $320, available at Acne Studios.
Above, from left: Notify Cropped Velvet Jeans, $250, available at Net-A-Porter; A.P.C. Petit Standard Jeans, $195, available for pre-order at A.P.C.; Burberry Kensington Overprint Jeans, $295, available at Burberry; Superfine Jeannie Low-Rise Cropped Jeans, $290, available at Net-A-Porter.

Above, from left: Madewell Skinny Boyfriend Jeans, $98.50, available at Madewell; See by Chloé Slung-Loose Jeans, $320, available at La Garçonne; Levi's Boyfriend Skinny Jean, $68, available at Urban Outfitters; A.P.C. Pioneer Jeans, $310, available at A.P.C.

I'm Up!

I saw these guys in concert a few months back. This song is awesome. I'm gonna go home and blast this. Cheers to the weekend my lovlies!


hmm which to choose

Or perhaps, I shall be patient and take the time to find my one-of-a-kind vintage finds, just likes Ash's. I think I think I'll wait... I like unique. ~abby

top 2 from topshop  + urban + anthro