Adventures in Goodwill Hunting

Me and Curty 
Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier from afar

Outside Goodwill Santa Monica

Shutters on the Beach

Heres a few snaps from a little outing Curty and I took in Santa Monica. We spent the day running around, drinking loads of coffee and of course shopping! It was one of a few really nice summer days. LA seems to have sort of skipped summer this year. We hit up the local Goodwill shop, which Curtis was quite used to. I on the other hand had never really ventured into one before. I first strolled through women's shirts and was feeling pretty uninspired. I remembered what other fellow bloggies have said and headed towards the mens department. I came across a pair of mens diesel jeans, threw em over my shoulder and headed back to women's pants. I (w) as well as (e) Abby are petite so finding pants in our length is somewhat of a victory. Not all women are 5'7! I stumbled upon a pair of navy trouser pants and couldn't believe my eyes. Threw em over my shoulder and high tailed it to the fitting room. I was in the mist of trying on my finds sort of buzzing in the excitement when an old grumpy lady bangs on my door asking me to hurry up. Rude! I quickly (feeling the pressure) threw my clothes back on, headed out and gave the lady an F U look. Curty even heard from across the store and we both had a laugh about it. Sheesh. 

At the end of the day I was really pleased with my finds at a random Goodwill. Jeans will work well french cuffed, (yeah I said french cuffed) boyfriend style. Trousers are awesome. Belted high waisted and tucked into with most anything. Thrifting is quite addictive, now I can see why. It somehow makes your finds that much more special. 


Wearing Forever striped top, Urban necklace and cardigan, Nordstrom Rack skirt, trusty Raybans, H&M scarf, mom's vintage belt, Goodwill Navy trousers

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  1. You scored huge! Last pic in your vintage fabulous find is excellent. They were meant for you......just like your rehearsal dinner dress find. Thrifting....I think you found your calling. Bring me there in a few weeks!