The times, they are a changin

I listen to this song as I think about change.
Change is good. Although I've had an itch to move residences and re-test the paved sidewalks of Chicago, I also made a commitment on my 29th birthday to make an internal change. Husband gave me, what turned out to be the very best birthday gift I ever did receive, 5-day extensive Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training with Stephanie Keach. As of last Sunday I am officially certified in Vinyasa Flow.  I learned how to internalize my own practice and just breath. I met wonderful people, all of whom I hope to see someday in the near future at another training or workshop. I am overwhelmed by all the emotions and detoxifying I went through. It truly was a magical experience. I'm so very greatful. Thank you Husband for your gift and for your support. Even though my shoulders are the most sore and inner thighs still burn. Is it wrong that I make my dog give me shoulder rubs?
Lululemon..what all the cool kids are wearing. Completely makes a difference in what clothes you practise and sweat in. By far, they have the best yoga products.


I'm drawn towards these high-waisted leopard print pants. So chic. First pic provides that this look isn't overdone when topped off with a leopard print tall cap.


Adventures in Santa Cruz

Nature Preserve 
Nearly in our backyard!
(Playing it safe helmut tres chic)

Monarch Butterflies flutter only once a year to Santa Cruz's Natural Bridges. A rare sight to see I was told by Husband. Hard to see but they are there, pinky promise!

Sea Lion kickin' it on the Wharf 
5 minute bike ride from our apt. Everything is so close and most 
importantly bike friendly! Sweet.

Watching a playful Sea Lion at the Wharf

Our new friend

Final event of the year for the Cold Water Classic
Everyone was saying that Santa Cruz is the perfect arena for showcasing surf events. With its beautiful cliffs that act as a stadium.

More from the event

Husband setting up for a backside snap at The Hook

Final Day I was in town. 
Watching Cold Water Classic


Wearing AA sweatshirt, BDG Jeans, Chucks, Last pic wearing Urban jacket, Nordstrom boyfriend t, black BDG jeans


When The Night Has Come...

And you need to go home. Won't you stand, stand by me.

Experienced a night similar to the guys from The Hangover, minus missing teeth, random babies, stolen cars, naked China man, tigers, Mike Tyson knock-out, or a 5-man wolf-pack. I guess the only common denominator were the ruffies. I'm pretty certain someone, or someones, wanted to take advantage of husband and I. How else could a good portion of the evening  escape both our memories? I figured all this out from my trusty camera the following morning. Neither of us recall jumping off our bikes in the middle of the street for a quick photo-op. Yet, based on our smiles and being fully clothed, a good sign, looked like we had a fantastic evening regardless of what  happened or didn't happen. So, all husband and I can do is apologize and say your welcome to all who were in our company this blur of an evening.
michael starts t, bb dakota pants, urb doily scarf, ruffies- no charge



Wish I could listen to this:

While I wish I could wear this:

or, this


bow-a-contrictor bibi+ dress by pure and gold (anthro) and coal hat (urbn)+ daughter of the Liberation pant(anthro)


Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Husband, Eric, and I Went to see Matt and Kim in St Pete, FL at The State Theatre. We found ourselves swarming amongst youngsters; pretty certain we were the oldest ones there. While us "oldies" were drinking, the youngsters got their own high off of crowd surfing. The security guards got themselves quite the workout from all the bodies that were tossed on stage and firmly escorted off. High energy will create that sort of mayhem. Matt & Kim are so much fun to just watch. Their energetic enthusiasm and permanent smiles were contagious. This is my second time seeing them live. I felt almost like a proud parent or that my friends were on stage and I was there to support them. I'm also quite certain that Kim is one of the coolest girls. She is. Cheer
obey dress, thrifted shoes, smile courtesy of Matt&Kim


A Helmet for those Who Don't Wear Helmets

I drive to work 2/week, the other days I ride my bike. Two days ago I witnessed a bicyclist get hit by a car,  laid out in the fetal position motionless. The biker was simply crossing the cross walk. At least, for his sake, it happened in a quadrant of 4 hospitals, so immediate care was on his side. I found myself swearing out load in a rage. Already Tampa has had 6 pedestrian fatalities within the past 2 months. I understand street riding is a bit more risky, but when you can get hit riding on a sidewalk AND on a college campus AND in broad daylight  is beyond. I called Husband minutes after to tell him the horrific event. We both agreed to suck up our not looking cool factor and wear helmets. Husband began his search, for the most perfect and as cool as you can get for a helmet creation. He found the most perfect invention ever. Major thanks to the Danish Company Yakkay. I'm actually super stoked to purchase!

the top is interchangeable so if you get tired of your protective cap or clashes with your outfit just switch out. finally a chance to be safe and ride fancy! Cheers!


Sass Bash

Sunday Husband, friend Eric, and I attended a charity event: Serena A. Spain Scholarship: college scholarship for single parent families. Local talent showed up to donate their time. Took place in an amazing old Tampa Heights building that used to house old Tampa trolleys.. Great new find and soon-to-be pub and coffee shop right on the river.
theory tank, miss sixty shoes, hawks skirt


Concert in The Park BYOB

Tampa temps were just lovely. Completely comfortable with a welcoming chill. Husband and I headed out for free local concert at Curtis Hixon Park, downtown Tampa. We parked ourselves on a bench, listened to tunes, watched children play (they sure love to jump over things and on my way to the restroom I jumped over over a few sidewalk cracks..it is fun), and watched cute pups sit on blankets with their owners. All of the above became background noise. Husband and I talked and laughed the night away. Yuengling and PBR will do that. It was a great night.

bdg black skinnies+u-back tank, non-conspicuous pbr and yuengling


Note to Self:Streetstyle Staples

As easy as black is, along the lines of "goes with everything", I sometimes have the hardest time with black, especially black pants. Yet,  paired with neutrals, browns, tans, or cognac helps eliminate that whole 90's dated 7th grade blah look. Not to mention when black leggings and shoes paired with floral tight mini dress and leather jacket is an instant guarantee to look freshly perfected. Once separated, all parts can be mixed and matched into other great creations.

Again, the black pants. I have my favorite pair that I try to wear daily, but make mental notes not to. I love the black skinny with the oxford...the tiniest peak of ankle breaks up the monotone just so. Thanks to the tailored crisp blue shirt and lovely scarf, which adds that needed pop of brightness. Once separated, these are sure must haves for your wardrobe:black skinnies, oxfords, fitted blouse, and blazer. Endless possibilities to create simple daily coolness.

Brown, now this is a color I can more easily wear without being so stumped and perplexed  by the whole "now something just isn't right" black sometimes gives me. First of all, this girl's hair is ridiculously cute and so is her outfit ensemble. Toned down cuteness zapped with a shock of yellow. Plus the pale pink ankle socks, not noticed immediately, but their lack of brightness softens while adding that extra oomph.
photos courtesy of refinery29:Alana Zimmer,Charlotte Di Calypso,Emily Browning


Baby It's Cold Outside

Piperlime outwear 

Brrrr. It's been chilly and rainy the past few days here in Los Angeles. Makes me wanna hibernate under a blanket with the heat on in my apartment. If I have to venture outside I surly wouldn't mind sporting any of these Piperlime jackets. And yes that is faux fur you see, and yes I really want it.



Ridin That Train...

Public transportation. You either love it or hate it. I love it. I love it because you don't need a car. Because you sit amongst strangers; people coming and going, but to where? Because it connects suburbs to city community areas to downtown. Constantly running; picking up and delivering. Because it feels somewhat liberating, like you can go anywhere at anytime anonymously.
bdg jeans+hat, kimchi jacket, anthro bag, vest ??, Chicago 'L'


Style Envy

Rachel Bilson, always glamorously cute. She nails it every time.  I adore, big time.