What is Reality Anyway + Pamela Love Giveaway

What is Reality Anyway + Pamela Love Giveaway

If I Saw You....

I would definitely steal you.

Do I Sense A New Trend Here???

Overalls worn at a wedding was a new sight to see. Perhaps they knew what they were talking about, perhaps they were trending a new/old fad. Bringing back the dungarees every child finds themselves in at one point of their life as well as working men of today, or grooms men and a groom for that matter. Women apparently can pull off too.
2 different styles, skinny and fitted or loose and baggy. In my opinion, both work.
photo courtesy of stylesightings.com


Had to ever since that day I

I tried on Abby's awesome black and white oxfords and I couldn't get them outta my head. I just had to have a pair for myself. Since she scored a unique one of kind oxford, I had to shop around a bit for the perfect pair for me. I stumbled upon these crackly white nine west oxfords and just had to order em. Fit perfect and couldn't be more comfy. I wasn't sure they would work in my everyday wear, but I've easily found a way to squeeze them in. This is us right before heading out to dinner. Ryan's cameo, his new gifted Arbor board and high rise chucks from the wedding. He hates them both, womp womp.

Strollin' through the Marina after dinner

Gap jean button down, Nordstrom white t, Nine West Oxfords, Free People headband, Banana bag


Streetstyle Cool Factor

With Lenny Kravitz as your dad it's near impossible not to have been born cool.
I'm sure she came out cool as well, regardless of her lineage


I'm Being Followed By The Moonshine

Festivities were held in a big red barn decorated with lit trees and hanging lamps. The two story barn radiated with natural intimacy.
Moonshine, in a big glass jug, was being passed around. Such a mysterious and tantalizing liquid suprisingly went down smoothly.

A pickup parked inside held the strumming Bluegrass Band. We danced the night away. Country food served with an assortment of homemade pies filled our bellies with comforting delight. A memorable evening never to be forgotten. Cheers!


Fayetteville Arkansas

They took their vows under ancient canopied trees, the afternoon light trinkling in where leaves and branches failed to sheild. Holding one anothers hand, staring into one anothers eye. A single voice radiated an enchanting song, unaccompanied by any other sound but voice alone. The feeling was magical. Cannot be recreated, only envisioned. A lump was constant in my throat. Organic beauty has that effect. They found each other young and held on till time permitted for the commitement to live and be as one for the rest of their lives. A sweet genuine pair. So honored to be a witness and  share in their moment. I wish Dasha and Dan to live their lives however it is their hearts desire and that they enjoy marriage as much as I . There isn't anything greater then binding love to keep all for yourself. Cheers!

Texax's Own...Erin Wasson

The coolest girl ever. Girly, bohemian, tomboy combined to create all of the above. total crush. I love how those amazing boots can be paired with all those different looks. It works...big time.  en-am-ored.


Concert in the Living Room

Erica rockin' out after 4th of July fireworks

Turtle and I enjoying the tunes

Super late post on a fun part of our 4th of July festivities. Erica Chase is a really talented musician, singer/song writer. She's one of my girls out here in LA. After an unsuccessful attempt at catching some firework action we all sat around my living room for some live music courtesy of E Chase. It was a really nice touch to round out a fun day of beach and bbq.

My long time friend Brittany myself and E Chase
Playa Del Rey Beach

Wearing Rip Curl everything, Headband Free People



Erin Wasson for RVCA Fall 2010. Pure coolness


Winter's Bone

 Time got away from us. We had roughly 23 minutes to spare before the movie, Winter's Bone, began at Tampa Theatre. Good 'ol Craft Mac N Cheese was quickly prepared. Haven't had that in a loong time, and was immediately reminded by the first bite of how awesome it is. mmmm. We jumped on our bikes and were there within 10 minutes. The movie was a bit boring, yet we weren't bored. I was entertained by the handsome scene alone. Words cannot explain why I love this place so nor justify the stunning quality of architecture and design. A splendid place to waste your time.
wearing forever21 shirt dress; oxfords


Breaking All Assumptions

Proof- tattoos don't just look good on 20-somethings.  It's all about how you carry and take care of yourself. I think if your naturally cool, then you'll be cool forever. 
Proof- just cause your prego doesn't mean you have to let yourself go and lose the feel for getting fancy.


Out with the old, in with the new

My former jeep :(

My new rabbit :)

The birthday girl had quite the celebration yesterday. Woke up to some presents from turtle, (if you know what I'm sayin.) Was prompted to get ready by 9:45 in sweats and no makeup? But I wanted to look cute on my day I told husband. He said just go with it, so I didn't argue. I'm not usually one for surprises but hey why not. So we drive to Santa Monica where Ryan takes me by the hand to this tiny adorable little spa called Petite Spa. So fitting right? My mom and dad had set up with the help of husband a mini facial and hour massage. I never felt more pampered. Those kinds of situations can sometimes make me a bit out of my element, but the ladies there were so friendly and sweet it made the experience that much more special. 
After the spa treatments, (still sounds werid to me) we walked over to Shutters on the beach. A beautiful beach hotel, where we were treated to lunch with a fab view of the pacific. My parents really pulled out all the stops for this bday. Now that would have been enough, more then enough really. But no, husband wasn't done yet. We drove in the jeep to the Santa Monica VW dealership where we both fell in love. Great deal, low miles, and drives like a dream. Could.not.walk.away. We are not impulse shoppers, especially on such a big purchase. Sometimes things are just meant to be. After we drove away with our shiney new rabbit, we got ready for dinner at our favorite mexican spot. That's me right before grabbing a bite. 
All an all it was one hell of a day. I am exhausted this July 15th day, to say the least. I feel like the luckiest girl. Will miss ya old jeep, but can't wait till the next time I hop into my new rabbit. 
Major cheers!!


First photo top from forever, shorts from tj's sandals from rip curl
Second photo dress and belt from gap sandals steve madden

2 Dollars!

photo op for PBR campaign. Hands down best concert beer. CHEERS~!
free people sparkle tank; bdg skinnies; madden sandals


My Sheit Was Born!!

My lovely girl. Wish we could cheers to a few of these and....
at the days end fall to the floor, laughing our ass off.
So wish I were in your presence to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday Sheit.
Cheers to you!!!