Currently Craving

High Waisted Skinnies

Abby turned me onto these jeans from Urban in the regular rise. The jeans feel like leggings, so soft and movable.  I stumbled upon these on their website the other day and have been obsessing ever since. I always wanted high waisted jeans but was nervous about the fit when the trend first took off a few years back. I know the way these bad boys fit and can't wait to nab myself a pair. 


What I've Been Searching For

Best friends from New Zealand created Twenty-Seven Names. A blend of sweet and feminine, with a bit of hippie chic, meets school girl. I love it all.


A Culture I Proudly Belong To


Holy Shit Ballz!

Sasquatch, a 3 day festival held just outside of Seattle in a massive field. The lineup is unreal.




My whole life I have always been self-conscious in regards to my entire chest area. I never felt ashamed or dissapointed in being flat chested. I would often experience a terribly uncomfortable feeling if too exposed, or cleaveage revealed. My grandma used to always tell me to stand up straight, which I can contribute the hunching over in order to feel more secure and less vulnerable. I am now at a point in my life where that feeling rarely exists. I am the most comfortable with my entire self than I ever have. Must have to do with maturity, yet I am probably more immature than I ever have been and loving every second of it! Due to being comfortable in my own skin there are current fashion trends that I dare to try whereas in the past I would never have considered. Love little see through tops. Or tanks light as air paired with cute bralette tops peeking underneath. Or a fancy pretty bra slightly visible under lace tops. The look, in my opinion, should be completely casual and almost messy in order to give off a chill, I just woke up and threw this on vibe.

my girl Freja. I love the sheer top with extra wide, high rise trouser. The choker makes this look badass sexy.

perfect bralette from anthro to wear with oversized tanks

New Kicks

This is what being a good mom to you, my puppy boy, will get ya. Some new kicks for the summer time. Such a sweet gift from Rocco for Mother's Day. He was a bit late. The boy can get confused with his months and dates. I'm seriously considering getting him a tutor. Anyhoo.I am already obsessed with the denim shoes. I have been throwing these on with everything from skinny jeans, to shorts, to dresses.  Having a go-to shoe for the summer is a must. Totally limits the number of I-have-nothing-to-wear- freakouts, cause the shoe will make any outfit cool.
 urbn shoes


REVamping the Place

My husband and I lay wide awake the other night clutching and hugging each other. We were wigging out. Nothing new. It happens every so often. Earlier that day it was mutually agreed upon that we both were having major issues with our home's interior design. At 10:00 p.m. our thoughts  built up so much on all of our dislikes. We started to freak out. Literally. We both felt an urgent need to find a "cool" interior decorator and that our entire place needed to be re-done. Start over completely. The following morning, we chilled out some. We have now decided we love to style our home and have fun doing so. We have pretty good style/fashion sense. We can do this and conquer on our own. So, let it begin. The key is to buy items we truly love and to not purchase things as fillers. This is what we've started with thus far. On to painting (for sure hiring someone) and closet door shopping next.

his and hers vintage bicycle paper lamps: purchased from czechpub on etsy.com. Etsy rocks.


772 miles of Bliss

Heading out, see ya Los Angeles!

Taco Time
Lilly's Tacos
Santa Barbara


Soda outta the bottle rules.

Quality time with the little guy.

Ella scoping out our first camp site. What are all these glorious smells?!

Our view from our tent area. So stoked to be on the water side!!

Our shelter for a few days.

Messin' around at the beach at night time. I think Ella was 
embarrassed of my jumping skills. Weak sauce.

Cute little trail which runs along the pacific ocean. 
Nice and mellow, not a soul around. Perfect.

So pretty.

Dogs had a blast chasing wabbits.

Cute little beach town. Stopped by and checked her out.

Too far for surf shots, caught him heading back in though.

No dogs allowed on the beach. Lame. We parked it on 
a bench near the beach and enjoyed the warm ca sun.

Pismo Beach pier

Beachside shop area in Pismo. Tons of cute bars and restaurants. 
Also tons of tattoo shops as well. Made Ry want another. I wasn't 
so sure though. Still can't decide what I want next.

Nice shot heading outta Pismo.

Wine tasting break from the road. I'm in!

They had this really yummy white merlot. So nice and summery. 

See ya San Marcos!

In between here and everywhere.

So steep

Big Sur!

Our campsite.

Organizing home.

Roastin' a mellow.

View from the tent, first thing in the mornin'. 

Beautiful Big Sur.

Chucks, not the best choice I ever made for hiking. 
Ryan warned me, I shoulda listened.

Jeep commercial. 

Check ya later.

Another nice view headed north on highway 1 toward Monterey. 

Stunning coastline.

It was so windy. I was worried he'd blow off the edge. 
Get back in the car quick!

No messing around.

Our hotel

On the way into town.

Always down for fish tacos and margaritas. 

City's got soul.

On the way out of Monterey. Black Bear Diner was awesome. 
Tons of yummy food and the prices were not anything like breakfast in LA. 

On the way home. We were all pooped.

The End.