If The Shoe Fits.....

Vintage Bass, size 6. Pure destiny. Got these fly guys at a random shop in Seal Beach, CA. You have no idea how long I've been searching for you.  And even though you hurt me, I still love you.


First stop, Huntington Beach, California. Home to my brother and sister-in-law and soon to be baby boy. Haven't seen these 2 faces in over a year. I have missed them dearly. We didn't get all roudy and crazy. We hung out at their place, mostly on their spacious outdoor patio, lined in bamboo, my favorite. We walked the beach and hit up main street at night. Every Tuesday Main street is completely blocked off and filled with street vendors and performers. We sat outside to eat and enjoyed the action all around staring at all passerbyers. Preggers couldn't do too much and it didn't take long for her feet to swell into something God-awful. I enjoyed just being in their presence and wasting time with them. I shall return soon to meet Mr Fletcher. And I vow to not let time pass us all by and commit to more frequent visits.


Cuff, Cuff, Cuff It Up

Simple, yet perfect. I love the little pleats and roomy casual fit. The cuff tweaks it to coolness.
photos coutesy of stylesightings.com and thesartorialistblogspot.com


Daper Dan Driving Miss Daisy

Makes me want to drink some sweet lemonade, get fancy, and cyclechic
photo courtesy of cyclechic.dk


Schools Out For Summer

Tokyo Police and Passion Pit Concert at The Ritz in Ybor, Tampa. Eric's treat for husband and I. Open space was immediately devoured by hipsters. A sea of bodies engulfed all around us. The air became thick and hazy. Sweat was pouring out of every single pore. The vibe and energy was intensely awesome.  It was  the band's first visit to Tampa. They felt the love from every screaming happy dancing fan and made a point of telling us in between sets. They felt the love. I felt the love. We all did.   Everyone departed with drenched clothing. Nobody cared. And surprisingly, nobody had b.o. True sign of a good time. Husband got to meet Tokyo Police and give his praises. What a  sweet release for a Monday evening. Cheers!
wearing urbn denim romper+purse; glowtoes necklace; forever21 belt


I Said I Can't..Did Said Can't

I I can't do it, I can't.  I agreed to an evening of dinner with friends in hopes of being in bed by 10:00. We headed out on our bikes downtown. Off to try a new French place we frequently passed, yet too intimidated to enter. So husband and I, along with our friends Eric and Ryan took the plunge and opened the door. We were greeted by a cute chap, Brian from Trinidad, sporting khaki's, stripped tee, and black leather vest. We drank yummy wine and tasted foods that are never prepared in my own kitchen. The chef came out, inroduced himself, and chatted for a wee bit. We  broke the seal and will for sure return. I'm almost certain we left around 10 pm. Perfectly planned. Yet, the ride home took a detour to The Wine Exchange. I did not protest. Promises were made that we would have 1 glass of wine. Yet, I knew when I walked in that promise would become nonexistant. Michelle, our friend the bartender, was working. Before I know it, she is pouring us her favorite glass of red wine. I didn't know there could be numerous favs.. Then husband offers to buy Michelle a shot..cause we love her so. Yet, Michelle made one shot turn into 5...I should have known. We then said our goodbyes, rode home and played cornhole in the front yard. We saw a nice young couple ride past on bikes and shouted out a "you wanna play" as they passed. They turned around and hung out for while. Well, by 2:00 am I lay myself to sleep. I was pleased to not have stopped short at 10:00.... It ended up a beautiful evening. Cheers!
wearing urb tank+shorts+shoes; etsy find necklace from glowtoes; new blond locks from Kristine


Tea time

The Huntington Garden Tea room

At the Rose Garden 
Prior to tea
My friends John and Stephanie

Japanese Gardens

Making our way through the Japanese 
and Chinese gardens, my personal fav.

Mr. Tortoise cruising through

Reminds me of the original Secret Garden movie.
I had an odd obsession with that movie for some reason growing up.

Just because

Our annual visit to The Huntington Gardens, in Pasadena California. My dear friend John, whose like family to me on the west coast and Stephanie invited me to celebrate my recent nuptials. John lives in Pasadena and is a member to the Huntington Gardens. Every time I drive into Pasadena it has this overwhelming feeling of home. I'm not sure exactly why but it just sort of comforts me from the day to day hustle of Los Angeles. The homes there are very established without feeling too cold or unwelcoming. As we do every year, we walked through the beautiful gardens. These gardens were once the summer home to a successful businessman Mr. Huntington and his wife. Their just for "summer home" was on a tiny 120 acre piece of land. Not too shabby. Mr. Huntington personally planted all sorts of exotic plants from all over the world. 
After strolling through the gardens the three of us sat to tea. I never realized how much I enjoy a good cup of tea. They had all sorts of yummy options like blackberry tea served with fresh scones and jam. Its set up as a buffet style of all different kinds of finger sandwiches, yummy salads, cheeses and crackers. To finish off the meal they offer all kinds of delicious desserts like brownies and fresh fruit salad also on the buffet. The three of us pretty much had to roll out of the tea room after stuffing our mouths full of yumminess.  All in all it was a pretty splendid afternoon.



Little Waist Bags

If only they were called this as opposed to fanny packs, the potential of being cool definately increases. I used to rock a Coach fanny pack back in 2001 when living in Chicago. I loved it so even though the ridicule was endless. So much easier to wear/hold than a purse when trying to get fresh on the dance floor or if in a crowded bar there isn't excesss bagage on your shoulder, getting knocked around, strap sliding off the shoulder, then getting all burned up. Well, D&G s/s 2010 is bringing fanny back. I think we all should refer to it as "little waist bag" as FashionGirl/carolinesmode.com in Sweden does. Way cuter.


I Concur

True dat. Esty is beyond amazing. I can spend hours searching one-of-a-kind treasures. I will surely have to post/brag about my latest finds and new found "favorites".
pic courtesy of refinery29

Current Crave

I fall hard whenever I see an open back.
of course...only at urb


Lovely Mix

simply love this entire look. love the dress paired with oxfords and the messy pony. would love to steal off her and onto me....stat.
courtesy of hanelli.com

Splash Attack On Fire

courtesy of anywho.dk


Wine All Day

Day began with Yoga which proceeded with a phone call from our friend, Eric. He wanted to grab some lunch. The only criteria was a place with a bar. It all started at noon. The rest was a drunken frenzy. Cheers!
free people tank; urbn halter bra+ denim sandals+braided belt; DIY bleached levi cutoffs; sonoma cutrer wine


Waffles and Red Wine

Yummy First waffle with our new waffle iron yesss!!

Me+Red Wine
Patiently awaiting for my waffle!

Random combo no doubt, but hey this is how we roll. Husband was shirtless while cooking thus is why we have no pictures to show off his master waffle abilities. It has been a few years since I've had some homemade waffles and let me tell you they did not disappoint. And no we did not have waffles for breakfast, we had waffles for dinner. Dinner of champions. 



Madewell Made Available

You can now go shopping directly from their website..my favorite way to shop. The laid back casual style is right up my alley and threatening my wallet.

I really want a pair of oxfords to wear with absolutely everything. I think they're fab.
I'm diggin the sweatpants worn fancy look. .


Steve Madden

Been looking for a good pair of black sandals for what feel like forever! I've got these guys on the way and can't wait to rock them out all summer long.



Take Me Higher

Last Saturday spent playing corn hole with some friends in the front yard. I ended up on the losing team every time, thus resulting in being referred to as "Jeffrey" (butler from Fresh Prince) and had to fetch the "winners" a cocktail. Pending on how quickly the games went may have backfired at the "winners". They made sure to suck down their drinks quickly so I, Jeffrey, could make them a new one. Puppy boy was my number one fan. I will not comment on how the night panned out. Let's just say, we're alive. Cheers!
urbn top+shoes+belt; anthro shorts;


Toms Takes On A New Height

If these are as comfortable as the flats then you can't go wrong. I'm not too sure on the "cool" factor stylewise. Regardless,  these shoes are always cool based on their generosity and charitable ways alone. My black pair worn thin with a hint of stench, yet still durable, provides the max amount of comfort. I am now working in my off-white ones Ash bought me as a bridesmaid's gift. Makes me feel kinda preppy and puts a little pep in my step. I don't know if I'll be dipping into the pocket for these....just yet. I take it back. I just peaked at the pic, I really really like!


So Many Choices

New Zealand fashion has got it goin on. Take a look at label, Ruby. Designers are moving more towards softer feminine looks as oppossed to tougher rock star elements. A combo of the 2 makes one hell of an outfit. They key is to pair together. Give a innocent look a bit of an edge, or a tough look a bit of sweetness. A ying and yang. Makes people wonder which you are. Makes the wearer feel all of the above, and then some.
courtesy of refinery29