The name's Johnny Utah!

My brother and his little family are packing up, bidding the southern California coast a fine farewell. Life was good to them. They made a many of fine memories the past 8 years in Huntington Beach, CA. I certainly enjoyed visiting and will miss them being there. Thankfully I still have my brother Dave and Ash in that territory...Although it sucks too. What was once a one stop shop to see some of my dearest and most favorite people has now created  major travel predicaments Spreading out the family across the vast plains of this country means making more of an effort to make certain to see faces in person. They are all  well worth it, plus I too need my fix of all of them. On the other side, I am thankful. My brother Greg's move to Salt Lake City, Utah means more opportunity for their sweet family and new land my feet get to explore! I can't wait. Plus, knowing Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City, Utah, promoting independent films, my most fav kind and ones I try to support, and taking in all the lovely fashion has got me all jazzed up. And that this state has more to offer than my current ignorance knowing only about Mormon culture, mountains, and SLC Punk

I have some homework to do....
Here are some pics of  stylin attendees as well as the stars themselves at Sundance.



Lets Hear it For The Boys

I typically whiz by most photos of guys' fashion...some can be a bit too fem for me to stop and hover over. Not these. These nice looking, well dressed men were spotted during Milano men's fashion week. These were my top favorite looks.



Your Body Is A Wonderland

And going through some crazy changes. Slowly transforming from the mini est of waists to a protruding ...get in my belly! No, it's not a food baby. My best girl Ashley, a.k.a Sheit, is pregnant and going to be a momma in 6 months !! Let the countdown begin. Ashley has always, since the day our friendship began in the 6th grade, had awesome style. She takes risks, tries out trends, and is far from boring. Being pregnant doesn't mean your fashion and style have to be compromised either. It's a good thing capes, tunics, flowy tops, leggings, and boyfriend t's are in style. Which means that you can probably get away wearing a majority of what's already in your closet, until the way end, when you get super huge and bloated and all puffed out. Ew.We will tackle that issue when comes our way. In the meantime let's concentrate on you being the cutest little pregnant lady ever. Here are some go-to's for you to live in for at least the next 5 months.
7 maternity jeans..come prepped for your growing belly

over sized sungies...good to have now and after baby...disguise your lack of sleepy eyes

7 maternity leggings with expandable waist

or just plain leggings will do the trick

a full length maxi..super comfy with elastic waist

a long tunic to pair with leggings to cover your belly and your bum.
american apparel will probably have all of the above.
Cheers to you my dear lady and to the new life you are about to lead.  Even though we live across the country from each other, I'm with ya the entire way.


Where The Streets Have No Name

but a ton of fancy folks. some lovely images to inspire your weekend wardrobe decisions. you don't have to go anywhere in particular to get all fancy, just whenever the mood strikes, as seen so flawlessly done below:
simple streamlined outfit paired with the red oxfords, a masculine ladylike perfect mix. one would assume such perfection would be caught in the middle of a magazine shoot...but not for this lovely lady of Florence, just out and about taking a personal day

her jacket is amazing. i love the darker brown stripe across the chest, a wonderful break of contrast. paired with maxi skirt, playing with flattering proportions. top this lovely look off by keeping fingers toasty in vintagy glam hand muff. lovely!

giovanna battaglia always looks amazing. l the mix of browns and patterns all flow together just right. head to toe, every detail accounted for without failure.

i love her; julia sarr-jamois. i've posted about her amazing hair, yet her style is always unassuming and so awesome. point proven here.

although i would never, this girl looks pretty cool, pulling off irish gone golfing mixed with a bit of andre 3000 .


Knockin Knees Like Marcie Dahlgren-Frost

oh the planning, every little detail, the long lists waiting to be checked off, a sign progress is being made, thus moving closer to the main event, closer to the purpose of what it is all really for. Weddings. Such a production, so much angst and worry. Aiming for your interpretation of absolute perfection on this single most important day of your life. Yet behind the decorations and ball room filled with special guests, the emotions, the purpose, the guarantee to one another to be the best mate and a promise to live together forever, that promise and commitment is genuine, therefore only you can own it, making your day unlike anyone else's. But, I can attest, as a loving bystander and honored guest, Scott and Jamie, you guys threw one hell of a party. We felt your vibe and felt like doing nothing else but dance and celebrate right there with ya all night long. Cheers~


Current yum factors

 Lightening Pant
 Osborn Ikat Oxford 
 UO Headscarf
Sparkle and Fade Crop Sweater

Its been oh so long since you've heard from this westsider. Yes I've been slack-alakin' but I'm back in the game baby! Lately I'm all about comfort. Comfort doesn't have to mean boring though. I love the look and pattern of the Lightening Pant. Yowza! So fun and comfy lookin. Throw em on with a crop sweater and some ankle booties and your in a comfy yet cool state of being. I also adore these Oxfords. Another fun pattern to throw on with your trusty skinnies. I know the turban look has been around awhile, and I wasn't so sure about it. This headscarf looks so wearable and would make that bedhead look so chic first thing in the morning. 


All things Urban


Free People, I Crave You

Just received the new Free People January Mag in the mail. I find great joy from all their catalogs; they shoot in the most amazing of places. The latest: Paris. Hmm. I'm now reconsidering this year's European destination..perhaps it will have to be France after all. I'll get back to that thought. Some other things to have captured my mind and thoughts are these lovely new items, found at freepeople.com
ruffled eyelit one shoulder

sunburst maxi dress

koi pendant

wisteria and lattice dress
I want these now. But I can be patient.


The Fab 5

While temperatures around most of the country are at their ultimate lows, with winter's brash coldness attacking any exposed area, daydreaming about lighter fabrics, bright colors, and fresh new looks will bring your mind and your body closer to spring '11. Although these are simply recommendations, it is also advisable not to discard your go-to's of the present moment, but consider introducing these new items into your wardrobe.
bring out the big guys. extreme earrings paired with low bun is recipe for glam

wipe off your face. rid the heavy eye and bold lip. it's all about soft, clean, and fresh . opt for a coral or pink blush. this should be a makeup staple come spring. personally, if i had to pick 1 makeup item, it would be blush; a definite daily wear for me

put away your black bags and totes. choose a bag, any size or shape, but in a vibrant hue. makes any plain outfit jump and pop. sweet as candy.

try out a fresh new hairstyle. hair to me is like an accessory. i try to sport a new do every year. the same haircut and style bores me if i wear for too long. although i'm completely digging this '40s style asymmetrical bob, i'm on the other side of the spectrum. having had short hair and bangs for nearly a year and a half, i'm going the distance- growing it all out. but for some of you risk takers out there, this is a good look.

although some say to pack away your skinnies, i could never. but, that doesn't mean you can't alternate between a tight leg and '70s high-waited wide leg bell bottom. such a chic look...i especially love, as seen above, paired with a crisp white button-down. i can't get enough of white shirts. just throw on some sky-high heels and you've got yourself a perfect spring outfit.
Now wake up! It's still winter....but next time you let your mind wander off, just think about spring cleaning your look over.
lovely recommendations from http://www.refinery29.com/


Some things Santa dropped off

 both husband and I bought each other Bern bike helmets. In my opinion, probably the coolest of bike helmets out there.Now all I have to do is take it out of the box and wear it. Perhaps I'll take a practice ride around the block....it's gonna take a lot of getting used to. I try not to nerd myself up anymore than necessary, although this kinda constitutes as a "necessary"
 I have an infatuation with old trunks and old luggage. I'm so pumped to have this  beaut of a media stand from Restoration Hardware.

my sweet lil ity bity honey and his elephant. it's the little things that count and this guy really does it for him. so easily satisfied.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I can't wait to end my work week and go hang with these guys. Cheers!

Learn To Accept, Learn To Ignore; In Your Favor

rightly quoted by Lauren Hutton, http://www.jcrew.com/


home is wherever i’m with you

Oh shug, you're killing me with this unbelievably amazing video! Fuckin nailed it kid!



Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire: interactive video. "On August 30, rock band Arcade Fire, together with Google and artist Chris Milk, launched an interactive video set to the band's track "We Used to Wait." Called "The Wilderness Downtown," http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com/ the online project makes use of Google Maps and Google Street View to incorporate images of the viewer's hometown into the vide. Viewers begin the experience by providing their childhood address. The video experience then unfolds in multiple windows, taking viewers on a tour of their hometown to the tune of the Arcade Fire track. Users can also write a note to their younger selves in a tree branch-inspired font that is incorporated into the video."

Take it seriously. Run back to the home you grew up in. If you could, what would you tell a younger you? I was completely immersed in this video. Not only is this project fascinating, "we used to wait" is an amazing song. I encourage you to go to their website, listed above, and put in the address you grew up: a nostalgia for your childhood years.


Color Me Bad

Spring lines vibrantly strut down the runway. This color frenzy is a sure way to get you out of winter time blues. So cheery and fun. I just have to make mental notes to myself when shopping to dabble in beautiful shades.

color collection photos courtesy of http://www.refinery29.com/