Spring to Summer

Such a quick transition, especially for Florida. Before you know it the heat will come on strong and long. So, while I contantly flip through my favorite sites and magazines in awe of all the fabulous spring-like clothes I know not to over induldge or get too excited. At the same time, I shuffled through my closet this morning looking for sweaters for one last wear. I'm in a tug-of-war of wanting to stay warm and cuddly and longing to shed it all and be open and airy. I will restrain myself and look for pieces that I can wear in "spring" as well as allll summer long. This is what I want to live in, so far, for the next 7 months.

neutrogena sun safety- because Lebes, my derm say so
jcrew tissue t's are the absolute best
j-crew swim, lasts forever and fits great

love this shoprouche hat sure to make me feel like a lady
urbn cotton shorts
i've been searching for you anthro head turbon!


  1. Leebs checks butt cracks with the best of them. Pretty sure that I am switching from Guinness to red bone fishes come summer. Perhaps a Pacfico.

  2. Thanks for the tips!!