A Hazy Situation

We went out last night to celebrate our friend Lori's birthday. We saw G-Love and The Special Sauce at the Ritz in Ybor. Good times. I've noticed, within the last few months of this concert attending extravaganza, I've been a bit more careless with my entire self. I found myself waking up this morning wondering about stuff like, towards the end of the evening, what did my face look like? Was I walking kinda dopey? I know my feet were burning. I had a sweat stain of guinness on my new tee. I ate pizza squatting down on the street corner next to a homeless guy. Who, by the way,  I'm pretty sure was way hungrier than me. We stole some guys cab, said sorry, but still took the ride. Then, at home, in bed, ate soy chips? Oy! This morning I awoke and reached over for my puppy-boy. He wags his tail at me, so I know we're good. I then turn to my husband to fill in the rest. He convincingly tells me I did good, I'm cool, I danced, and I had an awesome time. Sweet.  Just when I was considering giving up drinking.....yea, that's not gonna happen. Cheers

wearing urban shorts + tee, HM tights, forever21 belt, vintage owl necklace, stain by guinness


  1. You rock my socks off! Guinness stain rules.

  2. I'm a fan...rock star!!!

  3. Did the Guinness make it in your mouth and then took a detour to your shirt, or did it go straight from the cup??? Inquiring minds would like to know.