Engagment tail

The night he asked me to be his forever :)
Happily engaged and skiing 
Big Bear
 New Year's Eve
Our year 2010

Ryan had this little ski trip all figured out. I on the other hand just thought we were going skiing, nothing more than just a little get away from the city. We left bright and early that Tuesday morning. Didn't really check the weather report and just headed for the mountains. Its California after all, the weather is usually picture perfect. So we headed up the mountain our usual route, only to find that the road was closed due to an avalanche the night before. We headed back down the mountain and up and around the other way, only to find that route was also closed off due to the weather. It seemed at that point we were not making it up to our destination. We waited it out for a little while, and finally the road opened and we got to our hotel a few hours behind schedule. Ryan and I planned on a little night ski ses after check in, but we found out night skiing was closed on weekdays. Rats! (I didn't know it then but Ryan had big plans to ask me on the slopes) So romantic my man is. We ended up getting some Champagne and laying low in our hotel room, cozy by the fireplace. I got up to use the ladies and came back to see Ryan on both knees with a ring box. The poor thing was a nervous reck all day knowing what he was planning on asking me and possibly not making it up the mountain at all . Of course I said yes! Speechless I was, but beaming with happiness all over. It was perfect. 

49 days until I become a Mrs.!!



  1. It ended up a perfect engagement..you guys so cute and cozy in your pj's. You make the cutest little married-to-be ski bunny.

  2. great pic of you two and cool outfits!