My Crave Wishlist

I typically make a wishlist every month of items I crave. December is the only month my wishlist gets viewed by and purchased  from someone other than myself. Every Christmas my husband and I make a wishlist of 20 items we crave. Then on Christmas Day ( some get peaked at prior to) we get to see what made the cut. I do admit, I'm pretty spoiled.  My husband typically gives in to all my craves as well as ventures off my list for items he thinks I can use, ones I've never considered, and end up being totally crave worthy. So, for the remaining 11 months my wishlist is something of my imagination and day dreams. These are a few items from my 2 favorite stores, Urban Outfitters and Anthropology, of things I crave and lust over.
clockwise: Urbn: pins and needles silky ruffle jumper; Anthro: white sands wedges+ glassflower cardi+into the night blouse and Urbn: french bicycle scoop tee+kimichi blue tie crosshatch pant

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