Received a Nomination but No Invite?

That's what my husband and I told the cashier at the grocery store when we bought groceries in our party clothes. He in his tux, I in my blue ruffle H&M dress. You see, begining at noon, we threw our own 2 person Oscar party. I started the day off drinking White Russians in honor of this man :

The Dude.
so handsome and so cool. Although I have yet to see "Crazy Heart" I'm happy he won best actor. Mr. Jeff Bridges is my top pick of most handsome. And the lovely co-star: 

Maggie Gyllenhaal made my top pick too. She initially captured me in "Stranger Than Fixtion." I have been an admirer of hers ever since.
Lastly, my final pick was Demi Moore. I simply love her dress.Perfection.

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  1. I bet Magic looked dashing and you looked smashing.