European Destination

I had never been to Europe

-me,friend ethan, and matt
I got married on June 20, 2008 and we decided to wait on our honeymoon. So, September 2009 we packed for our non-prepared trip to Copenhagen, Denmark and Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Both Matt ( my husband) and I were a nervous reck. We hadn't a clue about Copenhagen and everyone thought we were crazy for going there of all places, AND this being our first time over seas. The nerves settled in as our plane departed. We began to feel the same....did we make a mistake? Also, I forwarn all of you trying to sit in the exit row. Make sure you get the 2nd set. The first exit row seats DO NOT RECLINE! Matt and I tried every conversion possible to try and get some shut eye....never happened. Anyways, Copenhagen, to put simply, was amazing! The city was beautiful, the people were beautiful, and the bicycles were beautiful! Amsterdam, was a scene man. Beautiful city, beautiful canals, lots of snack foods, and lots of naughty pleasures.
Needless to say, our first European Destination was beyond amazing and and a superior way to spend our honeymoon. Europe has since changed my perspective in many positive ways. I left with a new view on life, "less stuff, more life." Cheers ~abby

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  1. Love the stripe shirt and yellow bag!! So cute!!