My Ears Are Flooded

The music scene in Tampa has been happening lately. The recent explosion all started with the lovely Tegan and Sara, then Port O Brien, and tomorrows' adventure brings Fruit Bats. I'm pumped to be able to taste it all and relish all the sweet sweet sounds. I will be sure to report on how tomorrow night pans out. I have a feeling it's gonna be another rager. Meanwhile, when  in my car the other day  my husband left me a wonderful suprise in the cd player. I now must give major props and shout out to "Broken Bells." An incredible side project consisting of James Mercer ( The shins), and Brian Burton, a.k.a Danger Mouse. And thank you Maj for sharing this unbelievable compilation of sounds with me. It has since filled my entire self with awesomness. "you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool"
James Mercer and Danger Mouse jam session


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