Another European Destination In-The-Works

Growing up in the midwest I always assumed vacation meant endless sunbathing in warm temps at the beach.  Although I thought that image equaled paradise, I'm begining to realize that is no longer my idea of vacation. And I'm not just saying that because I live in Florida. The only beach I go to is the dog beach. Otherwise I visit the "human" beach once a year.  I don't want to ruin my skin, have a face full of freckles, be lazy, and sweat my ass off. Not a good look for me. So when my husband called me at work today asking if I wanted to go to Ireland this summer I jumped all over the idea. Let the planning begin! Now this is my idea of paradise. Flying to a foreign land, exploring strange cities, hangin in pubs, hanging with Irish people, I'm in!! My mind will now be consumed daydreaming and planning this upcoming adventure. Major cheers



  1. Gotta make it happen. There are about 195 countries in the world. If we do one a year we should knock them all out by the time we are 225.

  2. Major cheers indeed!! Congrats on the upcoming vacay!! I wanna travel too meow.

  3. Any room for travel partners....that our Irish? xoxox