LA Adventures

Me and my brother Josh 
Malibu Pier

Josh came to Los Angeles for a "work trip" and a quick visit with his baby sis. We usually never spend quality time together alone, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I think we were able to give my brother a good feel for the city, even though it was only a two day trip. We did Manhattan Beach dive bars all the way to Sunset. It was so fun living through someone whose never been here before and feeling those same child-like feelings all over again. There's so much out there, even for me to still discover. Gives me a whole new appreciation for my city. Thanks LA.

The Laker Girls and Me
Sharkeez Manhattan Beach
Don't they look like aliens?

Josh at Ercholes Manhattan Beach

Ryan my boo and Josh
Manhattan Beach Pier



  1. Hot robot aliens!

  2. NICE- good times with good Guys!