I am a major fan of bicycles, I try to ride mine as much as possible. Everytime I see a bicycle I  feel my mouth turn upwards into a smile. I currently have a tan beach cruiser with a basket, which is my main mode of transportation to work. I only have a 2 mile commute, yet I always go to and return from work with a smile, because that's what my bike does to me, it makes me happy. I love my bike soo much. I bring it up the elevator to my 4th floor office and set it beside me while I work at my desk. My bike is quite the conversation starter, for I often hear, "wow, good for you", or "how long is your ride", or "I had a bike like that when I was a kid"....I feel a bit guilty seraching for a new bike when mine has proved so trusty, but if I could I would get one of these Dutch style bikes. Can't get much cooler than that. ~abby

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