The times, they are a changin

I listen to this song as I think about change.
Change is good. Although I've had an itch to move residences and re-test the paved sidewalks of Chicago, I also made a commitment on my 29th birthday to make an internal change. Husband gave me, what turned out to be the very best birthday gift I ever did receive, 5-day extensive Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training with Stephanie Keach. As of last Sunday I am officially certified in Vinyasa Flow.  I learned how to internalize my own practice and just breath. I met wonderful people, all of whom I hope to see someday in the near future at another training or workshop. I am overwhelmed by all the emotions and detoxifying I went through. It truly was a magical experience. I'm so very greatful. Thank you Husband for your gift and for your support. Even though my shoulders are the most sore and inner thighs still burn. Is it wrong that I make my dog give me shoulder rubs?
Lululemon..what all the cool kids are wearing. Completely makes a difference in what clothes you practise and sweat in. By far, they have the best yoga products.


  1. Wow what an experience! Lucky!! Maybe with all the back rubs puppy boys been givin' ya made for a little limp action? It's allll making sense now.

  2. Seriously, I blamed the gimp from chasing cats, but the truth comes out......pups aren't meant to give rub downs......so sorry!