Adventures in Santa Cruz

Nature Preserve 
Nearly in our backyard!
(Playing it safe helmut tres chic)

Monarch Butterflies flutter only once a year to Santa Cruz's Natural Bridges. A rare sight to see I was told by Husband. Hard to see but they are there, pinky promise!

Sea Lion kickin' it on the Wharf 
5 minute bike ride from our apt. Everything is so close and most 
importantly bike friendly! Sweet.

Watching a playful Sea Lion at the Wharf

Our new friend

Final event of the year for the Cold Water Classic
Everyone was saying that Santa Cruz is the perfect arena for showcasing surf events. With its beautiful cliffs that act as a stadium.

More from the event

Husband setting up for a backside snap at The Hook

Final Day I was in town. 
Watching Cold Water Classic


Wearing AA sweatshirt, BDG Jeans, Chucks, Last pic wearing Urban jacket, Nordstrom boyfriend t, black BDG jeans

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  1. place looks like a total gem with backyard bliss~ sea lions....crazzy cuteness and so are you- fancy safe cyclin. love the black bdg..aa sweatshirt amamzingly comfy. what's the nordy boyfriend t?