When The Night Has Come...

And you need to go home. Won't you stand, stand by me.

Experienced a night similar to the guys from The Hangover, minus missing teeth, random babies, stolen cars, naked China man, tigers, Mike Tyson knock-out, or a 5-man wolf-pack. I guess the only common denominator were the ruffies. I'm pretty certain someone, or someones, wanted to take advantage of husband and I. How else could a good portion of the evening  escape both our memories? I figured all this out from my trusty camera the following morning. Neither of us recall jumping off our bikes in the middle of the street for a quick photo-op. Yet, based on our smiles and being fully clothed, a good sign, looked like we had a fantastic evening regardless of what  happened or didn't happen. So, all husband and I can do is apologize and say your welcome to all who were in our company this blur of an evening.
michael starts t, bb dakota pants, urb doily scarf, ruffies- no charge

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  1. Faces.priceless. !! You are are hilar.