Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Husband, Eric, and I Went to see Matt and Kim in St Pete, FL at The State Theatre. We found ourselves swarming amongst youngsters; pretty certain we were the oldest ones there. While us "oldies" were drinking, the youngsters got their own high off of crowd surfing. The security guards got themselves quite the workout from all the bodies that were tossed on stage and firmly escorted off. High energy will create that sort of mayhem. Matt & Kim are so much fun to just watch. Their energetic enthusiasm and permanent smiles were contagious. This is my second time seeing them live. I felt almost like a proud parent or that my friends were on stage and I was there to support them. I'm also quite certain that Kim is one of the coolest girls. She is. Cheer
obey dress, thrifted shoes, smile courtesy of Matt&Kim


  1. True to the game...and in the daylight I don't pick up my phone, cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home...I heard you were friends will Schifino, true?

  2. Friends with Michael Cera, true...