A Helmet for those Who Don't Wear Helmets

I drive to work 2/week, the other days I ride my bike. Two days ago I witnessed a bicyclist get hit by a car,  laid out in the fetal position motionless. The biker was simply crossing the cross walk. At least, for his sake, it happened in a quadrant of 4 hospitals, so immediate care was on his side. I found myself swearing out load in a rage. Already Tampa has had 6 pedestrian fatalities within the past 2 months. I understand street riding is a bit more risky, but when you can get hit riding on a sidewalk AND on a college campus AND in broad daylight  is beyond. I called Husband minutes after to tell him the horrific event. We both agreed to suck up our not looking cool factor and wear helmets. Husband began his search, for the most perfect and as cool as you can get for a helmet creation. He found the most perfect invention ever. Major thanks to the Danish Company Yakkay. I'm actually super stoked to purchase!

the top is interchangeable so if you get tired of your protective cap or clashes with your outfit just switch out. finally a chance to be safe and ride fancy! Cheers!

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