Note to Self:Streetstyle Staples

As easy as black is, along the lines of "goes with everything", I sometimes have the hardest time with black, especially black pants. Yet,  paired with neutrals, browns, tans, or cognac helps eliminate that whole 90's dated 7th grade blah look. Not to mention when black leggings and shoes paired with floral tight mini dress and leather jacket is an instant guarantee to look freshly perfected. Once separated, all parts can be mixed and matched into other great creations.

Again, the black pants. I have my favorite pair that I try to wear daily, but make mental notes not to. I love the black skinny with the oxford...the tiniest peak of ankle breaks up the monotone just so. Thanks to the tailored crisp blue shirt and lovely scarf, which adds that needed pop of brightness. Once separated, these are sure must haves for your wardrobe:black skinnies, oxfords, fitted blouse, and blazer. Endless possibilities to create simple daily coolness.

Brown, now this is a color I can more easily wear without being so stumped and perplexed  by the whole "now something just isn't right" black sometimes gives me. First of all, this girl's hair is ridiculously cute and so is her outfit ensemble. Toned down cuteness zapped with a shock of yellow. Plus the pale pink ankle socks, not noticed immediately, but their lack of brightness softens while adding that extra oomph.
photos courtesy of refinery29:Alana Zimmer,Charlotte Di Calypso,Emily Browning


  1. Great post! Looks like you worked super hard on this one :) I love the black/tan color combo. Its so hot right now!

  2. Thanks....I am looking for black/tan bag so Mrs. Conkey would approve...she said to match your shoes & bag no matter what the cost!