Head Games

No desire to shop. October is the first month I haven't shopped nor had any desires or craves. Perhaps it's because Tampa is stuck in summer! Yuck. I forgot all about fall, and cute jackets, or boots of all heights, or scarves, or hats, or fresh crisp air. Yet, today's weather report was a bit more promising. End of this week the AC is getting turned off, windows will be open, my pup will be sniffing the breezy air, and I will soon be reminded of Fall and be full of desire. Could get ugly. Yet, there is one item that I continuously think about....hats. I want a ton of hats, felt fedoras, cloches, wide brim, beanies, berets. After getting hooked on Boardwalk Empire....I'm crazy about the roaring 20's/ ....oh all the dazzling headpieces and red lips has me head a spinning. 


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