a few of the celebrities listed as "Casual Chic"

I know why celebrities get all the fabulous freebies at awards and events. They are the best advertisement designers can ask for. Not to mention most look wonderful in anything they wear. Meet http://www.boutiques.com/. A new way to shop. Simply click to follow any celebrity with whom  most closely relates to your own personal style. You can then find items your celeb fashionista previously purchased and where to nab for yourself. Simply click on the item and a pop-up will appear, showing where to purchase, what to pair the item with, and other comparable items. You can also create your own boutique. You will be taken through a series of outfit choices and choose which item most resembles your style. Then a calculated analysis will appear: I am "Casual Chic"...nailed it! Anyhoo, I can ramble on and on about this...so just visit yourself and explore!
Here are some items that appeared in my boutique, respectfully named:Westyle. They nailed it! All are items I'd totally wear.


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