The Streets

not so basic black fitted so perfectly. I have a hard time picturing anything but skinny jeans paired with boots. Boot cut takes away from all the shoe's fabulous detail and can quickly, in my opinion, make an outfit so dated and blah.

 high neck, mid-thigh length so snugly cute, yet still understated. the outfit is a done deal, no need to wonder what lays underneath.

i'm a huge sucker for anything hippie-ish or that of what resembles little house on the prairie style. a crop leather jacket would be a sure fire way to add some warmth and a bit of an edge, yet her makeup alone already adds that tough contrast to the femininity of the dress.  

just flippin nailed it! the bow necktie takes this 2-piece ensemble from ladylike to edgy. i adore the black and white booty, similar to the black and white cookie, a perfectly tasty combo.

jeans- check, an oversize slightly longer tee or sweater peaking under leather jacket- check, flat boots and some shades-check check. they make it look so easy to dress so dope. get these staples to ensure major cool-factor at all times. guarantee.

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  1. Sick post! I especially adore the hippy factor. Yumm for days.