"Co-founder and former creative director of Lucky Magazine, wanted to be a different woman every day. Sometimes I see her on the street, sometimes I see her in a magazine, but I always want to try her clothes on even if it’s just for one day.
Anne Johnston Albert is my oldest friend – we’ve known each other since we were 14. She is a genius illustrator (you remember her amazing drawings from my page in the back of Lucky every month) and fashion designer with a cult following: (http://www.martinclothes.com/). We will bring you a few women every week – some I’ve spotted just walking around, some I’ve conjured up in my head. Some are illustrated by Anne from my notebook scratchings, and others will be photographed. Then of course we’ll take you to where you can buy everything you need to get the whole look. We hope you enjoy and get inspired!"
xxoo Andrea Linett

Flea Market Girl

"I clocked her on the second floor of the 25th Street Garage, hanging between the paintings and junk jewelry
Some dry shampoo helps give a ponytail a little just-got-out-of-bed sexy volume.
She used a real army backpack to tote the day’s haul.
This outfit would look at home with a plain peacoat, but a retro leopard jacket took it somewhere more fun.
Her cable knit sweater was perfectly skimpy.
Bright red cords were cropped to show the ankle — they made me want to run home and change out of my jeans.
Classic Wallabees looked so cute without socks and paired with the funky coat. Plus, they’re made for walking!"

Subway Girl

"I saw her on the F train carrying a small orchid.
This was the best simple black overcoat I’ve seen in a while.
She was obviously just transporting it, but her potted orchid almost functioned as an accessory.
A long, witchy cardigan looked cool peeking out of such a tailored coat.
Her smart little lady loafers reminded me of something Mary Richards might wear.
I loved her slightly nerdy leather briefcase.
It was fun to see someone rocking a bright red skirt."
                          Although I couldn't quite grasp how to paste the picture and outfit-choice comments the way they are displayed on the blog,http://www.iwanttobeher.com/ you get the idea.  It's a genius idea. This is totally what I do in my own head when I see people on the streets or photos of head-to-toe dressed women whom captivate me on their wardrobe alone. Makes me all the more curious. I too find myself creating my own interpretation of the type of lives I believe they live. So fun. it's almost like a game of house or dress-up for adults.

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