It's Begining!!!!

My most favorite time of the year. Christmas!!!  I greatly enjoy decorating my home and putting up lights and decorating the tree. I'm uber thankful and totally loving the recent forecast. Tampa air has taken a huge hit of  refreshing"coldness" which is totally putting me in the holiday spirit.
Picking up our wreath; yearly tradition at the local Greek Orthodox school. Smells superb. BTW, although it looks like the wreath is resting on a pole, it wasn't. I was holding it the entire time Husband was trying to take the pic. Not sure why it took as long as it did, but my excited cheeky smile soon faded to half-ass, only because of the time lapse. I was, and still am super happy. Yay!
wearing urb beanie+anthro pants+toms shoes(thanks Sheit)

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