Do you make one? Husband and I do every year; we exchange our lists over Thanksgiving. This year I didn't give him much to work with. My list consisted of all things yoga. Yet who am I to kid? I would love ANYTHING! He gave me a bit more to work with, which ultimately can ruin the suspense of what hides beneath the decorative wrapping paper and bows. I admit, I'm not one of the most creative gift-givers out there. This year I'm extra anxious and curious as to what he got me. I came home last night to a few neatly wrapped gifts, all with my name on it. Husband and I always say to each other, in order to remain young, happy, and fun you sometimes need to act like a child and not take life so seriously. I think I just got at least 3 years younger by getting all giddy over Christmas.
~abby, age 29 or 26..you decide.

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  1. House looks so stylish and cozy for Christmas!! You are like 22 forshiz.