Thanksgiving holiday spent in Cleveland, Ohio. Never has a visit gone by without hiking at Western Reserve Farm. The 16+ hr long car ride from Tampa to Cleveland was well worth it for Puppy Boy alone. He was a wild beast prancing and dashing in the woods; an untamed animal. I warn you.This is not for the timid. The brisk air is refreshing, not cold. The 1.5 hr walk was vigorous not daunting. Just remember one thing:you sweat and you die. At least that's what survivorman Les Stroud taught me as a way to not let hypothermia slip in, thus death. And although I wanted to pull off bloggin style on the hike, I was at the mercy of my mother's discarded wardrobe.  Hence the homely look.

little tune for your ears, so fitting.

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  1. I love how you turn into a hippy shake of yourself when you're in
    C-town. Farmhouse classic. Looks like a killer time you bum.