Use Protection

I just read an alarming statistic; 5 bicyclists in the Tampa Bay area have died since July 29, 2010. Although I'm not a street rider, I know I should wear a helmet every time I hop on my bike. I don't. If only I weren't so vain and didn't picture myself looking like a complete geek under a helmet, perhaps I would entertain the idea . I don't judge helmet wearers negatively either, such as muttering under my breath "dork!" Fact is, I admire bike helmet wearers. They clearly don't care what other people think of them as well as strongly value their life. I prefer to take a risk and look cute. If I looked as cute as these models, in their Vespa helmets, I would definitely be on board.

If I really started to take stock in my life and not always try to ride fancy then I'd get this one:

cheers to living

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  1. I had the option a few days ago, and I went with cute. Not the best decision I've ever made. I like this helmet, mine isn't as cute, but will safe my life if I wear it!