Check That Off The To-Do-List

This is a place both Ashley and I have been longing to visit. The Melrose Trading Post, West Hollywood. 200 + vendors take over the parking lot at Fairfax High School every Sunday and set up shop. " A flea market for "the sexy, hip and groovy crowd"- Los Angeles Times. Jewelry, art, oh-my-god-shoes, clothing, food, furniture. Sensory overload! I bit at the bait right at the entrance. Couldn't resist. I was itching to buy. Although I now kick myself for acting too quickly, I learned my role and slowed up a bit. We scoured the place and bargained some awesome finds. One man's trash is another man's treasure... 
My first monstrous necklace pick..oy! Ash's bare neck soon to be decorated.

Little bit country, little bit rock-n-roll.  My sister-in-law, Jamie, actually spotted these lovely boots. Bonus to having size 6.5 shoes....fit wonderfully and already broken in, another bonus!

Left: Ash's new pair of amazingly detailed ankle boots to replace her previous deteriorating favs (she also walked out with 2 sweet long necklaces for everyday wear with anything) and Right: my new love, already broken in cognac ankle boots. Look sweet with pants tucked in or rolled up. Plus, the top of the shoe can be worn up or folded over. Oh the possibilities!! Yay!

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  1. Nailed it! Love that you used the last pic, which Maj was most likely disappointed in. So.much.fun!