Fletcher Sonny Sabo

Can't wait to meet your little smiling face buddy! Surreal that you are my brother's baby...still a bit freaked and weirded out Greg's a dad, your dad. Please do me a solid and try not to cry at night during my visit. I need my sleep just as much as you. I loved ya the minute you were born. Can't wait to tell you in person all the goodness I think of you, give you hugs and kisses, sniff you, and awkwardly hold you. I'm warning you. My baby holding technique is all in the bicep/armpit region. In the past some found this comforting, Although I keep a brave face, under your what should be featherweight body, my bicep will be twitching like a mother. But that's just between you and me. Because when your mom and dad ask me "if I got it, or "if i'm OK" I will smile with a slight lip quiver (due to muscle hyperactivity thus weakening) and reply with a confident, "yeah, I can do this all day..i love it!" I will suck it up and hold you as much as I can. My days with you will always be limited; we live so far away from one another. So get ready for my big fat face to be all up in your personal space..I'm coming to invade! Love you.


  1. That was such a sweet and loving post. I feel exactly the same when it comes to holding babies. So scary!! Can't wait to meet him too!

  2. This must be published....I am smiling & crying at the same time! Fletch is blessed!