Boys On The Side

Thanks to a weekend filled with laughter, boys, and booze. My marionette lines longer, crows feet deeper. I've got permanent dimple creases even when my face is still. I'm exhausted. Funny people will do that to you. Especially these guys. Although I was bit of a wreck with my home in disarray, its the memories that count, not the spilt drinks, or collected garbage. Husband was anxiously awaiting this day. He got to spend some q-t time with his favs. So did I. You all are welcome back in one year.
forever dress, urb belt+shoes, kooba bag


  1. Beyond cute. Maybe best post pics EVER! Makes me wanna be walkin' with ya'll :) Miss you!

  2. Thanks for being so amazing...I owe you foot rubs.

  3. Thanks for the hospitaliano and fun. You're the best!

    Anonymous (Robby)