VIP With A Bottle Of Beer

Rumor had it, Club 23 was the place to go in Orlando. Our cab dropped us off out front . It appeared promising enough for a good time, so we paid, I think, 60 bucks for admission. Walked up a good 20 steep steps and were immediately immersed into a crowded scene. I bought some beers and then we found this little nook. Apparently it was a VIP section and you could only enter with a bottle. Yet, nobody told us to leave, so we made it our own. Ash and I danced, literally like nobody was watching. For our sake and reputation for that evening, I hope nobody was. We also realized we were the only white girls in the whole club, not that there is anything wrong with that. I'm just confirming how much I hope nobody saw our dance moves. I'm sure they weren't cool. But, what I can gaurentee was cool that night..... my girl Ashley.

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