Shorts, Shorts.. Shorts..Shorts

My weather prediction was dead on. Tampa jumped from "winter"  right to summer. I return to my need for shorts. I have a few go-to's for now, but am still searching for more. I really love the high waisted ones with fun prints. Plus, I think a higher waist will give the illusion of longer legs. Just what I need (thanks mom)! I think the key to wearing anything is to feel comfortable. Once you have that, confidence is sure to follow. So with the forcast reading "you're gonna sweat your ass off for the next 6-months day and night" little to no clothing is all I'll need. My go-to accessory will be sweat. I won't leave the house without it, guarantee.  

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  1. Lelee Sobieski look-a-like has a "See You Next Tuesday", hump.