REVamping the Place

My husband and I lay wide awake the other night clutching and hugging each other. We were wigging out. Nothing new. It happens every so often. Earlier that day it was mutually agreed upon that we both were having major issues with our home's interior design. At 10:00 p.m. our thoughts  built up so much on all of our dislikes. We started to freak out. Literally. We both felt an urgent need to find a "cool" interior decorator and that our entire place needed to be re-done. Start over completely. The following morning, we chilled out some. We have now decided we love to style our home and have fun doing so. We have pretty good style/fashion sense. We can do this and conquer on our own. So, let it begin. The key is to buy items we truly love and to not purchase things as fillers. This is what we've started with thus far. On to painting (for sure hiring someone) and closet door shopping next.

his and hers vintage bicycle paper lamps: purchased from czechpub on etsy.com. Etsy rocks.

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