Ma, Mom, Mother

Times like this, an entire day of dedication to moms everywhere, I wish we lived closer. I would have loved to spend the entire day with you. Pamper you, take you out, wait on you, clean your house, cook you food. Although I think of you every day of my waking life, I often don't remind myself how amazing you always are. And although I can be stubborn at times, just know, whenever I get snippy with you or pop a tude, I hang up the phone and vow to myself to never do that again. Yet I still do. You can take it though. You are one of the few people I can just be me without being judged. I miss you always and love you forever. You are the best mom to me. You are one of the best people to others. You are one of the best people I know.
love, me... Cheers!

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