My whole life I have always been self-conscious in regards to my entire chest area. I never felt ashamed or dissapointed in being flat chested. I would often experience a terribly uncomfortable feeling if too exposed, or cleaveage revealed. My grandma used to always tell me to stand up straight, which I can contribute the hunching over in order to feel more secure and less vulnerable. I am now at a point in my life where that feeling rarely exists. I am the most comfortable with my entire self than I ever have. Must have to do with maturity, yet I am probably more immature than I ever have been and loving every second of it! Due to being comfortable in my own skin there are current fashion trends that I dare to try whereas in the past I would never have considered. Love little see through tops. Or tanks light as air paired with cute bralette tops peeking underneath. Or a fancy pretty bra slightly visible under lace tops. The look, in my opinion, should be completely casual and almost messy in order to give off a chill, I just woke up and threw this on vibe.

my girl Freja. I love the sheer top with extra wide, high rise trouser. The choker makes this look badass sexy.

perfect bralette from anthro to wear with oversized tanks

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